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Deutsch im Blick - 2nd Edition

(25 reviews)

Zsuzsanna Abrams, University of Texas, Austin

Copyright Year: 2017

ISBN 13: 9781937963019

Publisher: COERLL

Language: English

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Reviewed by Marcel Rotter, Associate Professor of German, University of Mary Washington on 7/11/21

The textbook compares very well to any for-profit publishing house textbook (pictures, videos, graphics). The usual linguistic and cultural topics are present and progression is logical. However, the book seems a bit stuck in old established ways... read more

Reviewed by Wendy Westphal, Associate Professor of German, Marian University on 1/8/21

This is a book for 1st year German. Its grammar coverage is extremely comprehensive and could also be used with intermediate students. read more

Reviewed by Ariana Bancu, Assistant Professor, Northeastern Illinois University on 8/29/20

Every chapter covers new vocabulary and grammar in a comprehensive way and the sequence of vocabulary and grammar topics is logical. Every chapter has a comprehensive intro where all vocab and grammar topics are introduced and the electronic... read more

Reviewed by Anke Duerr McCown, Instructor of German, Marshall University on 2/21/20

Deutsch im Blick covers the main points of German language, grammar and culture comprehensively. It does however feel more like a very comprehensive workbook than a textbook to me. The book does provide a wealth of activities that include both... read more

Reviewed by Felix Kronenberg, Associate Prof. of German; Director, Center for Language Teaching Advancement, Michigan State University on 11/12/19

The book is quite comprehensive and covers many topics that other German textbooks would cover as well (e.g. Uni; Freizeit; Gesundheit; was ist deutsch...). There is clearly a focus on higher ed in the topics, which should appeal to college... read more

Reviewed by Sarah Varela, Assistant Professor of German, Longwood University on 4/12/19

DiB covers the usual topics found in first-year textbooks aiming to provide students with vocabulary and structures necessary for communication in a variety of everyday, relevant situations. In centering content around the goal of studying abroad,... read more

Reviewed by Christiane Breithaupt, Language Instructor, Gettysburg College on 3/19/19

The format of "Deutsch im Blick" and its segmentation follow a design common for many elementary-German textbooks. Topics fall into a sequence from personal "survival skills" to an exploration of German culture. Austria and Switzerland appear to... read more

Reviewed by Richard Lambert, Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College on 3/18/19

For a first-year textbook, Deutsch im Blick addresses all major cultural, situational, and grammatical themes that an instructor would expect. Primary areas of focus include daily life in Germany, life at a German university, transportation and... read more

Reviewed by Henning Wrage, Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College on 2/19/19

As often mentioned in the reviews, there is abundant material for a course on the elementary level, both with regards to vocabulary and to the number of exercises offered in the up to 50 pages of each chapter. This makes "Deutsch im Blick" a... read more

Reviewed by Veronika Burney, Lecturer, College of William & Mary on 12/29/18

DiB covers all important first-year topics typically found in a traditional textbook, with a special focus on preparing students for studying abroad. New structures are explained in a detailed and engaging manner. read more

Reviewed by Lisa Seidlitz, Associate Professor, Augustana College, Rock Island on 6/19/18

The textbook covers all major topics that are typically taught in beginning German and includes activities that address all modes of communication as well as significant cultural content. It is very practically oriented toward helping students... read more

Reviewed by Rita Morandi, Professorial Lecturer, American University on 2/1/18

The text is meant to be used in combination with the accompanying website. The program covers the essential grammar and vocabulary for elementary and early intermediate students of German with a very large variety of activities to practice... read more

Reviewed by Jennifer Gully, Lecturer, College of William & Mary on 2/1/18

The chapters cover the typical topics of first-year language textbooks. The grammar and vocabulary introduced are typical, and enable students to achieve the communicative requirements for this level. A comprehensive index for the grammar units is... read more

Reviewed by William Quirk, Professorial lecturer, American University (D.C.) on 2/1/18

"Deutsch im Blick" is rich in useful, relevant content and covers an appropriate amount of material for a first-year German textbook. The authors have included all of the essentials for language-learners at the elementary level--vocabulary,... read more

Reviewed by Anke Kenney, Instructor, Rhode Island College, Providence College on 2/1/18

The book is very comprehensive. Once the learner (or instructor) gets used to the layout and interconnectivity of the book and its various links, it becomes easy to follow. read more

Reviewed by Janet Gesme, Instructor, Central Oregon Community College on 8/15/17

Considering that it is designed for the first year of study, this book is more than comprehensive. If students were to take advantage of everything Deutsch im Blick has to offer, they would be fluent within the year. read more

Reviewed by Andrea Schmidt, Instructor, Portland Community College on 6/20/17

Overall, I thought the book was fairly comprehensive in terms of subject matter and content. I thought the table of contents was well laid out. I would have liked an index in back with, perhaps, vocabulary terms and/or verb conjugation. read more

Reviewed by Mariana Ivanova, Assistant Professor, Miami University, Oxford, OH on 6/20/17

The textbook offers 10 thematically organized chapters that are well structured to incorporate grammar instruction into teaching of culture, language and everyday life in German-speaking societies. It does not provide an index or appendix other... read more

Reviewed by Michael Dettinger, Director, Foreign Language Lab and German Instructor, Louisiana State University on 6/20/17

The text provides a thorough and appropriate overview of German for the beginning learner. It is well-balanced in the amount of content dedicated to grammar, culture, and authentic practice with the language. The text also provides a variety of... read more

Reviewed by Jeannine Olson, Professor of History, tenured, Rhode Island College on 4/11/17

The book covers the areas needed in an introduction to the German language. read more

Reviewed by Pia Kostner, Instructor of German, University of New Orleans on 2/8/17

The text includes a wealth of vocabulary, so much so that students might feel overwhelmed by it, especially since there are two vocabulary sections per chapter. I’m not sure how useful the vocabulary at the beginning of each chapter is to... read more

Reviewed by Robert Godwin-Jones, Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University on 12/5/16

The text is comprehensive in terms of basic vocabulary and grammar. That is less the case in terms of culture. There is considerable information about Germany and Switzerland, less on Austria. read more

Reviewed by John Jeep, Professor of German Studies, Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) on 8/21/16

The book covers most areas of the subject, an introduction to German, appropriately. There is no comprehensive index or glossary in the text itself, but there is a link to an index of topics. While Germans, Swiss, and Americans are interviewed, an... read more

Reviewed by Mila Ganeva, Associate Professor, Miami University, Ohio on 8/21/16

The textbook covers all basic concepts of grammar appropriate for the first year. It emphasizes the practice of all four skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. The reading passages are almost exclusively short non-fiction texts. With... read more

Reviewed by Andrea Meyertholen, Ph.D., Language Coordinator, University of Kansas on 8/21/16

This textbook describes itself as a “language program for beginning and early intermediate students of German.” With the wealth of materials contained within its 10 chapters, the curriculum could certainly be used over the course of 2 or 3... read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 0 Introduction
  • Chapter 1 Ankunft In Würzburg
  • Chapter 2 An Der Uni
  • Chapter 3 Der Alltag Und Das Studentenleben
  • Chapter 4 Freizeit Und Ausgehen
  • Chapter 5 Familie, Feste Und Feiertage
  • Chapter 6 Durch Deutschland Und Die Welt Reisen
  • Chapter 7 Gesundheit Und Fitness
  • Chapter 8 Das Traumleben: Beziehungen, Wohnen Und Die Karriere
  • Chapter 9 Was Ist Deutsch?
  • Chapter 10 Auf Nach Berlin!

Ancillary Material

  • About the Book

    This textbook includes all 10 chapters of Deutsch im Blick. It accompanies, the web-based first-year German program developed and in use at the University of Texas since 2008, and its companion site, Grimm Grammar. Deutsch im Blick is an open access site with free and open multimedia resources, which requires neither password nor fees.

    Deutsch im Blick has been funded and created by Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services at the University of Texas, and is currently supported by COERLL, the Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning UT-Austin, and the U.S. Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE Grant P116B070251 & P116Y090057) as an example of the open access initiative.

    About the Contributors


    Zsuzsanna Abrams, Associate Professor, Department of Languages and Applied Linguistics, with an affiliation in German Studies, at UC Santa Cruz. Her teaching interests include applied linguistics, language pedagogy, second language acquisition, intercultural communication, discourse analysis, and computer-mediated communication.

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