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Introduction to Psychology: The Full Noba Collection

(9 reviews)

Robert Biswas-Diener

Ed Diener, University of Utah

Pub Date: 2016

Publisher: Noba

Language: English

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Reviewed by Benjamin Anderson , Assistant Professor, Southwest Minnesota State University on 6/26/19

Very comprehensive. Modules span those that are commonly found in introductory psychology textbooks. The index system is well organized within each module and students can click terms to find their definition. read more


Reviewed by Bonnie Ekstrom, Online Adjunct Instructor, University of Minnesota Crookston on 5/21/18

The chapter on Personality Traits was clear and concise yet dealt with one of the most controversial issues in personality: the person-situation debate. The debate was clearly outlined and described in enough detail for an Introductory text. On... read more


Reviewed by Sabrina Schroerlucke, Instructor of Psychology, Portland Community College on 6/20/17

I am planning to use this text for an Introduction to Psychology as a Natural Science course and feel that it is comparatively thorough to the major topics I would normally cover to a more traditional text. For example, the major units/chapters... read more


Reviewed by Meagan Coffield, Instructor , West Virginia University on 12/5/16

The text provides a great overview of all the material. It contains several modules covering all areas of psychology, specifically all of the topics covered in the Introduction to Psychology course. This would fit nicely into WVU's curriculum. read more


Reviewed by Mikle South, Associate Professor, Brigham Young University on 12/5/16

The comprehensiveness of this textbook is a real strength. There are 100 or more individual modules covering everything included in a standard intro psych course. Some of the topics are overlapping: for example there are some broad research... read more


Reviewed by Elizabeth Richey, Assistant Professor, Miami University on 8/21/16

Extremely comprehensive. The text covered all the topics I would expect for a basic introduction to psychology course, and there were many additional units that would allow an instructor to go in greater depth or customize a course (see item 6 in... read more


Reviewed by Ben Bryan, Adjunct Faculty, Rogue Community College on 8/21/16

This book seems to reasonably cover introductory psychology concepts as appropriate for an entry level psychology course. The three textbooks I have used in the past to cover the same curriculum have had 18 chapters. In most Universities in the... read more


Reviewed by Dr. Mary Ann Woodman, Adjunct Professor, Rogue Community College in Oregon on 8/21/16

I feel extremely impressed with the 15 sections containing 93 Modules covering most areas taught in General Psychology. The table of contents and index make it easy to find subjects and topics pertinent to each section. The collection offers the... read more


Reviewed by Gary Brase, Professor, Kansas State University on 8/21/16

The full Noba collection has 93 “learning modules”, which are designed to cover every area of psychology at an introductory level. These modules have authors (over 120, in total) with expertise in the relevant area. Instructors can select and... read more


Table of Contents

  • Psychology As Science
  • Biological Basis of Behavior
  • Sensation and Perception
  • Development
  • Cognition and Language
  • Learning and Memory
  • Social
  • Personality
  • Emotions and Motivation
  • Psychological Disorders
  • Well-Being

About the Book

This textbook represents the entire catalog of Noba topics. It contains 90 learning modules covering every area of psychology commonly taught in introductory courses. This book can be modified: feel free to rearrange or remove modules to better suit your specific needs.Please note that the publisher requires you to login to access and download the textbooks.

About the Contributors


Robert Biswas-Diener has written a number of books including Happiness: Unlocking the mysteries of psychological wealth and The Courage Quotient. He is senior editor for the free-textbook platform, Noba.

Ed Diener is a psychologist, professor, and author. Diener is a professor of psychology at the Universities of Utah and Virginia, and Joseph R. Smiley Distinguished Professor Emeritus from the University of Illinois as well as a senior scientist for the Gallup Organization.