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    Neuroscience, Psychology and Conflict Management

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    Judith Rafferty, James Cook University

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    Publisher: James Cook University

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    Reviewed by Rachel Feldwisch, Associate Dean, College of Education & Behavioral Sciences, University of Indianapolis on 4/3/24

    The title of the book was an immediate draw, as it is difficult to find applied neuroscience texts on practical topics that feel approachable to a wide range of readers. The book begins with coverage of neuroscience, then applies major areas of... read more

    Table of Contents

    • Preface
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1: The Brain and Body in Conflict
    • Chapter 2: The Mind – Cognition
    • Chapter 3: The Mind - Emotions
    • Chapter 4: Personality and Conflict
    • Chapter 5: Social Perception and Social Influence
    • References
    • Review Statement 
    • Versioning History

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    About the Book

    This peer reviewed eBook introduces readers to foundational concepts in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, personality psychology and social psychology to help explain why conflict occurs, how it develops and how it may be managed and/or resolved.

    About the Contributors


    Judith Rafferty has been teaching, researching, and practising in conflict resolution since 2011, including in Australia and internationally. Judith holds a PhD in conflict resolution (JCU, 2021), a Master of Conflict and Dispute Resolution (JCU, 2011), and a Graduate Diploma in Economics (University of Applied Science Gelsenkirchen, Germany). In 2022, she also completed a Graduate Certificate in Psychology (JCU). Judith is a nationally accredited mediator under the Australian Standards, a trained conflict coach with Conflict Coaching International (CCI) and has completed training as a restorative justice convenor.

    Judith has extensive experience in online teaching and learning resources development. She was the course coordinator and director of the postgraduate Conflict Management and Resolution (CMR) program at JCU from 2014 to 2017 and has significantly contributed to the design and curriculum development of the program. During her time at JCU, Judith coordinated 14 subjects, most of them offered in both online and blended mode. From 2012 until 2023, Judith also worked as a lecturer/ senior lecturer in the CMR program and has taught/ co-taught multiple subjects offered in the program, including Conflict Analysis, Sustainable Conflict Management, Facilitative Mediation Practice and Research Projects in CMR. Judith substantially redeveloped some of these subjects to incorporate new online learning technologies. In 2022, Judith designed a new subject on neuroscience, psychology, and conflict to be delivered online and in blended mode. Judith developed an eBook to be used for the teaching of the subject content, which forms the basis for this Open Educational Resource (OER).

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