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    Introduction to Library and Information Science

    (2 reviews)

    Reed Hepler, College of Southern Idaho

    David Horalek, College of Southern Idaho

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    Publisher: College of Southern Idaho Pressbooks Network (CSI)

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    Reviewed by Kathy Evans, Reference & Archive Librarian, Shenandoah University on 11/10/23

    This textbook is logically organized, with distinctive chapters covering essential practices of librarianship. Hepler and Horalek do not offer an index in this introductory text. The authors define key concepts within the text, and those words are... read more

    Reviewed by Taylor Tharpe, Research & Digital Services Librarian, Longwood University on 7/18/23

    In Part I of the textbook, the author offers consistent definitions of certain terms, such as data, knowledge, and information. The author does a great job of providing helpful resources and information to go hand-in-hand with each... read more

    Table of Contents

    • Part I. Library History and Essential Functions
      1. Data, Information, and Knowledge
      2. History of Libraries
      3. Library Services
      4. Acquisitions
      5. Collection Development 
      6. Classficiation and Cataloging 
      7. Facilities and Funding
      8. Circulation
      9. Reference Librarianship 
      10. Preservation
    • Part II. Improvements and Adapatations in the Modern World
      1. Intellectual Freedom
      2. Digitial Initiatives and Library 2.0
      3. Representation in the Library
      4. Copyright
    • Part III. Supporting the Public to Obtain Public Support
      1. Patron Services
      2. Reader's Advisory
      3. The Modern Library Experience
    • Part IV. Conclusion
      1. Conclusion

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    About the Book

    This book explores the history, present, and future of library science, both in theory and in practice. It examines the place of the librarian as arbiter of information access in a constantly-changing and modernizing global community.

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    Reed Hepler, College of Southern Idaho

    David Horalek, College of Southern Idaho

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