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Kiara Pipino, Oneonta, NY

Copyright Year: 2022

Publisher: SUNY Oneonta

Language: English

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Reviewed by Gerald Casper, Instructor, Rochester Community & Technical College on 6/26/23

Most areas are very comprehensive considering what the authors of this textbook are trying to accomplish. They state in the forward that this book is aimed at students with little to no background in theatre. Keeping that in mind, while some of... read more

Reviewed by Erich Yetter, Assistant Professor, Anderson University on 2/6/23

The text covers a lot of areas and ideas concerning the subject of theatre and appropriately and provides an effective index and/or glossary. Chapters on Lighting (too technical), Costuming (too short), and Musical Theater (too biased) could be... read more

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Title Page
  • I. Theatre: The Basics
    • 1. Why Theater?
    • 2. Theatrical Spaces
    • 3. How to Read a Play and Watch a Production
    • 4. Genres and Styles
  • II. Professionals in Theatre: Who Does What?
    • 5. The Actor
    • 6. The Director
    • 7. The Producer
    • 8. The Playwright
    • 9. The Set Team
    • 10. The Costume Team
    • 11. The Lighting and Sound Teams
  • III. The Culture of Theatre
    • 12. Theater History, in Brief!
    • 13. Applied Theater
    • 14. Musical Theatre
    • 15. Global Theatre
  • Theatre Appreciation: A Student's Perspective
  • Essential Bibliography

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About the Book

#TheatreAppreciation is a textbook for introductory level lecture classes such as Theatre Appreciation and Introduction to Theatre. It provides insight about the art and craft of theatre, a brief exploration of theatre history, and discussion about the styles and forms of theatre along with an overview of professions in the field.

About the Contributors


Kiara Pipino is an Associate Professor of Theatre at SUNY Oneonta and a freelance director and translator. She has worked nationally and internationally, including Off Broadway, in Italy for the Italian National Theatre, in the Czech Republic for the Prague Shakespeare Company, in the Philippines for Ateneo de Manila University, and in Greece, for Theatre of Changes. Her research fields include the role of women and gender in theatre, classic Greek theatre, and Movement for Actors. She is a graduate of the Universita’ degli Studi di Genova (Italy) and of the University of Arkansas and she holds a certification in the Michael Chekhov Technique from GLMCC.  She is the author of Women Writing and Directing in the USA: A Stage of Our Own, published by Rutledge in 2020, she co-authored Conquering the Stage, for Kendall Hunt, in 2017 and she wrote Theatre and Pietas for the University of Trento Press also in 2017.

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