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    Introduction to Human Sexuality

    (2 reviews)

    Erika Goerling, Portland, OR

    Emerson Wolfe, Portland, OR

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    Publisher: Open Oregon Educational Resources

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Penny Quinn, Associate Professor, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College on 12/14/22

    The concepts are divided over twenty chapters of informational categories, which allows for full coverage in a 16-week instructional format. Content addresses not only the more common aspects of Gender, Sexual Orientation, Attraction, Intimacy,... read more

    Reviewed by Yuliana Zaikman, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi on 11/8/22

    The book seems to be very straightforward and concise, which I very much appreciate. There are a lot of terms and all of them are defined using language suitable for students. The incorporation of theories in every chapter is really good. read more

    Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • I. Part 1: Reflections and Explorations in Human Sexuality
      • 1. Chapter 1- Community Agreements and Terminology
      • 2. Chapter 2- Human Sexuality Theories
      • 3. Chapter 3- Sexology through Time and Contemporary Sex Research
      • 4. Chapter 4- Sex Differentiation, Anatomy, and Physiology
      • 5. Chapter 5- Gender
      • 6. Chapter 6- Sexual Orientation
      • 7. Chapter 7- Attraction
      • 8. Chapter 8- Sexual Response and the Biochemistry of Love
      • 9. Chapter 9-  Sexual Behaviors (and Safer Sex)
      • 10. Chapter 10-  Intimate Relationships
    • II. Part 2- Professional and Clinical Topics in Human Sexuality
      • 11. Chapter 11- Part 2 Terminology Review
      • 12. Chapter 12-  Sexual Development Through the Lifespan
      • 13. Chapter 13- Contraception
      • 14. Chapter 14- Sexually Transmitted Infections
      • 15. Chapter 15- Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth
      • 16. Chapter 16- Variations in Sexual Behavior
      • 17. Chapter 17- Sexual Dysfunction and Treatment
      • 18. Chapter 18- Sexual Marketplace
      • 19. Chapter 19- Trauma, Therapy, and Trauma Informed Care
      • 20. Chapter 20- Ability, Intersectionality, Body Image, and Reclaiming Our Bodies
      • About the Authors
      • Appendix

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    About the Book

    This is an introductory human sexuality textbook.

    About the Contributors


    From an early age, Ericka remembers pondering why people behave the way they do. This expanded and grew to ongoing curiosity of, and respect for, human experiences. A lifelong learner of psychology, she received her BS in psychology from Portland State University in 2000, her MS in counseling psychology from Lewis and Clark College in 2003, and her PhD in psychology from Fielding Graduate University in 2016, with an emphasis in media psychology. Ericka had the incredible fortune of working with crime and trauma survivors for nearly 15 years, before turning to teaching exclusively in 2010. In her instructional capacity at Portland Community College, Ericka teaches Intro to Psych courses, Personality, Social Psychology and Human Sexuality. She enjoys time with her family- both human and fluffy, traveling and exploring, nature, and a decently embarrassing amount of popculture.

    As a non-binary transgender person living with a physical disability, Emerson did not always see themself reflected in textbooks and course curriculum. They wanted to create this resource to provide representation in a way that normalizes the vastness of possibilities that exist based on each individual’s intersecting identities. Emerson’s passion for criticality was sparked during their experience at UC Berkeley where they received their BA in Peace and Conflict Studies with an emphasis in conflict resolution in 2011 followed by obtaining an MS in Counseling Psychology from CSU, Bakersfield in 2015. Emerson worked as a therapist associate primarily with foster care youth and developed community peer support groups for the transgender, non-binary, and gender expansive community in central California. They began teaching psychology classes in 2017 and are now teaching at Portland Community College, Clark College, and Pacific University. They teach Human Sexuality, LGBT Psychotherapy, Personality, Human Development, and Intro to Psych classes. Emerson loves gardening with his partner and watching the hummingbirds. They have 2 cats and 2 dogs who provide endless amounts of joy. Emerson would like to thank those who have come before and shared their wisdom leading to the present and for those who will continue to expand our understanding of human sexuality into the future!

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