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Case Studies in Community Psychology Practice: A Global Lens

(2 reviews)

Geraldine L. Palmer, Adler University

Todd L. Rogers

Judah Viola, National Louis University in Chicago

Maronica Engel

Copyright Year: 2022

Publisher: Rebus Community

Language: English

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Reviewed by Kara Riggleman, Assistant Professor of Social Work, Taylor University on 11/28/22

I thought this book was very comprehensive, given the subject. There are a variety of community development approaches and models represented, that would be beneficial in a number of contexts. read more

Reviewed by Kimberly LaComba, Assistant Professor of Global Leadership, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College on 11/21/22

This book is current and provides varied perspectives. read more

Table of Contents

  • I. Part One: Community Building
    • 1. Cultural Development in Underrepresented Communities: Using an Empowerment and Citizen Participation Approach
    • 2. Dare2Dialogue: Promoting Inclusion Through Storytelling and Dialogue
    • 3. Green Space Programs as a Shared Growth and Communal Process: A Somali Gardener’s Journey in Minnesota
  • II. Part Two: Global Perspectives
    • 4. Better Together: Creating Alternative Settings to Reduce Conflict Among Youth in Lebanon
    • 5. Promoting Community-Driven Change in Family and Community Systems to Support Girls’ Holistic Development in Senegal
  • III. Part Three: Evaluation Research
    • 6. Lessons from Conducting an Equity-Focused, Participatory Needs Assessment
    • 7. Program Evaluation: A Fundamental Component in Effective Community Practice
    • 8. Showing up and Standing with: An Intersectional Approach to a Participatory Evaluation of a Housing First Program
  • IV. Part Four: Community and Public Health
    • 9. A Plan for Prevention: Measuring Equity from the Start
    • 10. Working with Survivors of Gender-Based Violence
    • 11. Journeying Past Hurt: Creating and Sustaining Trauma-Informed Healing Practices With Black Pregnant and Parenting Mothers

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About the Book

There is no better way to demonstrate the work and impact of community psychologists and allies than by showcasing actual projects conducted in partnership with communities. This textbook displays this work in a dynamic case study format that will ignite students' desire and passion to study and become future community psychologists or those whose heart beats with the beloved community. You can find community psychologists and allies partnering with communities to change racist policies, end health disparities, create alternate settings for youth, foster community-based models to heal trauma, evaluate programs, and much more!

About the Contributors


Geraldine (Geri) L. Palmer, Ph.D. (Community Psychology) 

Dr. Palmer is the Co-founder/Managing Director of Community Wellness Institute (CWI) in Evanston, IL and an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department, Clinical Psychology Program at Adler University, Chicago. Dr. Palmer  has extensive experience serving in middle and senior executive leadership in the nonprofit/human services sector specifically around the social issues of housing and homelessness. She earned her Ph.D. in Community Psychology from National Louis University where she also teaches a human services management course.  Dr. Palmer is an active presenter at academic conferences and workshops, and along with a team of consultants also leads and facilitates the F.A.C. E. of Justice Workshops for CWI.  She is a co-author on the chapter, Oppression and Power in Jason, Glantsman, O’Brien and Ramian (Eds) (2019) Introduction to community psychology: An agent of change and author of a chapter, Navigating the Road to Higher Education in Viola and Glantsman (2017) Diverse careers in community psychology. Her writing has been published in a number of peer-reviewed journals. She is currently the Interim Co-Chair of the Council on Cultural, Ethnics and Racial Affairs (CERA), of the Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA). 

Todd L. Rogers, M.A. (Industrial/Organization Psychology)

Todd is the Co-founder and Operations Director at Community Wellness Institute.  He is an Organizational Psychologist with 20 + years in field operations in the pharmaceutical sector.  He is currently working in the facilitation, learning and development and performance analytics space in addition to building a private Narrative Coaching practice. Todd served as a research assistant on CWI’s first research initiative, Exploring Historical Trauma Among Black/African Americans  (in progress for publication).

Judah Viola, Ph.D. (Community Psychology)

Judah Viola, PhD is a Community Psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology at National Louis University in Chicago, Illinois where he co-developed NLU’s PhD program in Community Psychology and previously served as Dean of the College of Professional Studies and Advancement.  Judah’s recent publications include Community Psychologists: Who We Are. In L.A. Jason & O. Glantsman, J.F. O’Brien, & K.N. Ramian (Eds.) Introduction to Community Psychology: Becoming an agent of change. Rebus Pressbooks and Diverse Careers in Community Psychology. Oxford University Press.  Judah currently serves as the Publications Committee chair for the Society for Community Research and Action.  He also manages an independent consulting practice specializing in program evaluation, needs assessment, community building, and collaborative community research. Recent clients have included national and international nonprofits, public school systems, museum and art institutions, social service agencies, and community development organizations. His community research and advocacy interests involve neighborhood revitalization, education for students with disabilities, affordable housing, access to healthcare, access to healthy food, community-police relations, and violence prevention and intervention. For more information see:

Maronica Engel (Senior Instructional Designer)

Maronica is a senior instructional designer and learning strategist. She has many years of experience in consulting, designing, and developing learning solutions for adult learners in Learning and Development business units in a variety of industries. Maronica assisted with reviewing and editing, and ensuring that the content and layout of the case studies are interesting and engaging, incorporating elements such as photos, links, and visual illustrations. She chose to work on this project because of her strong beliefs in the importance of providing the resources for individuals to be participating and productive agents in their communities; and her passion for education as a life-long learner.

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