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Teaching Early and Elementary STEM

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Alissa A, Lange, East Tennessee State University

Laura Robertson, East Tennessee State University

Jamie Price, East Tennessee State University

Amie Craven, East Tennessee State University

Copyright Year: 2021

Publisher: East Tennessee State University

Language: English

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Reviewed by Kevin Voogt, Assistant Professor, Grace College on 6/9/23

I found the book to be a bit abbreviated on STEM in general and had a main focus on the 5E model and STEM integration. Hence, the title might better be "Early and Elementary STEM: The 5E model for STEM Integration" or something of that nature to... read more

Reviewed by Mandy Olsen, Instructor, Western Oregon University on 2/28/22

This text provides a comprehensive description of the integrated STEM model and is a useful initial tool for implantation of STEM in elementary classrooms. read more

Table of Contents

  • Unit 1: Introduction to STEM
  • Unit 2: Theory & Framework
  • Unit 3: Integration
  • Unit 4: Standards, Lesson Planning, & Assessment
  • Unit 5: Integrated STEM Through Physical Science Anchor Standards
  • Unit 6: Life Science
  • Unit 7: Earth and Space Science
  • Unit 8: Technology and Engineering
  • Unit 9: Math

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  • About the Book

    This Open Access Educational textbook, "Teaching Early and Elementary STEM", was written to support pre-service early childhood and elementary teachers in their journey to become facilitators of science, technology, engineering, and math, or “STEM,” and "integrated STEM" in their future classrooms. Students who read and use this text will deepen their understanding of “STEM” and “integrated STEM,” learn what early childhood and elementary students need to know and be able to do in relation to STEM, and understand ways to create activity plans and implement current research-based approaches to teaching and pedagogy. This text arose out of our Early/Elementary STEM Collaboration project, which started in 2017 with the intention of increasing the quality of teacher preparation in STEM across early childhood and elementary education. The team is composed of math and science education professors, classroom in-service teachers, and pre-service teachers in pre-school through fifth grade. We are driven by the values of collaboration, strengths-based approaches to teaching and learning, constructivist philosophy of teaching and learning, and applied STEM experiences to increase access and equity. Our model of preparing pre-service teachers has been published elsewhere in more detail (Robertson, Nivens, & Lange, 2019). We built this open access product to include the following: 1) completely new content that includes input from our team as well as examples of integrated STEM learning experiences; 2) adaptations of existing resources, and; 3) compilations of existing free resources (e.g., Next Generation Science Standards).

    About the Contributors


    Dr. Alissa A. Lange, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education, ETSU, Johnson City, TN

    Dr. Laura Robertson, Associate Professor of Science Education, ETSU, Johnson City, TN 

    Dr. Jamie Price, Associate Professor of Math Education, ETSU, Johnson City, TN

    Mrs. Amie Craven, teacher and graduate student, Early Childhood Education, ETSU, Johnson City, TN

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