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    Trademark Law - 2022 Edition (Version 2.0)

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    Michael Grynberg, Chicago, IL

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    Publisher: Michael Grynberg

    Language: English

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    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction to Trademark Law
    2. Distinctiveness
    3. Generic marks
    4. Non-Word Marks, Colors, and Trade Dress
    5. Trade Dress and Product Design
    6. Functionality
    7. Aesthetic Functionality
    8. Non-Traditional Marks
    9. Obtaining Trademarks Rights Through Use of the Mark
    10. Geographic Protection
    11. Abandonment 
    12. Registration
    13. Trademark use and Infringement
    14. Likelihood of Confusion
    15. Likelihood of Confusion (cont'd)
    16. Broadened theories of confusionn
    17. Secondary Liability
    18. Trademarks and Domain Names
    19. Dilution
    20. Dilution (cont'd)
    21. Fair Use
    22. Nominative Fair Use
    23. First Sale
    24. Expressive Uses and the First Amendment
    25. Trademark Procedure
    26. False Advertising
    27. The Right of Publicity

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    About the Book

    Welcome to trademark law. This introductory chapter has three purposes. First, it outlines some basics of trademark law at a very high level of generality. Second, it outlines some traditional arguments for the protection of trademark rights. Finally, it introduces some issues that complicate the development and application of trademark law. 

    About the Contributors


    Michael Grynberg, DePaul University - College of Law

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