Read more about Structured Electronics Design: A Conceptual Approach to Amplifier Design - 3rd ed.

Structured Electronics Design: A Conceptual Approach to Amplifier Design - 3rd ed.

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Anton J.M. Montagne, Delft University of Technology

Copyright Year: 2023

ISBN 13: 9789463667128

Publisher: TU Delft Open

Language: English

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Modeling and specification of amplifiers
  3. Amplification Mechanism
  4. Active Devices
  5. Basic amplification: CS stage
  6. Balancing techniques
  7. Design of feedback amplifier configurations
  8. Application and specification of operational amplifiers 
  9. Introduction to amplifier biasing
  10. Modeling of negative feedback circuits
  11. Amplifier performance and controller requirements
  12. Frequency compensation
  13. Local feedback stages
  14. Multi-stage Feedback Amplifiers
  15. Amplifier Biasing
  16. Signal Modeling (selected topics)
  17. System Modeling (selected topics)
  18. Network Theory (selected topics)
  19. Noise in electronic systems

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  • About the Book

    Many people consider analog electronic circuit design complex. This is because designers can achieve the desired performance of a circuit in many ways. Together, theoretical concepts, circuit topologies, electronic devices, their operating conditions, and the system's physical construction constitute an enormous design space in which it is easy to get lost. For this reason, analog electronics often is regarded as an art rather than a solid discipline.

    About the Contributors


    Anton Montagne (Leiden, The Netherlands, 1953) received his master's degree in 1984 at the Delft University of Technology. In 1983, he joined Philips Semiconductors in Nijmegen where he designed analog integrated circuits for audio and video applications. At Philips, he also developed training courses on analog electronics. In 1989, together with Catena Microelectronics, the Delft University of Technology and the Institute of Microelectronics in Stuttgart, he cooperated in the development of an intensive training course, covering many topics of analog circuit design.

    Since 1997, he works as an independent consultant, trainer and designer in the field of analog circuit design. Over the past 38 years, he developed analog electronics for instrumentation and communication systems and carried out many training courses on analog electronics. Since 2016 Anton Montagne is coaching students and giving lectures and masterclasses "Structured Electronics Design" at the Delft University of Technology.

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