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Rangeland Ecosystems of the Western US - 1st Edition

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Yvette Gibson, Corvallis, Oregon

Publisher: Oregon State University

Language: English

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Autecology
    • Ecosystem Biogeography
    • Species Biology
    • Population Ecology
  • Synecology
    • Ecological Systems Thinking
    • Community Ecology
    • Ecosystem Disturbance
    • Nonequilibrium Ecology and Ecosystem Resiliency
  • Shrubland and Desert Ecosystems
    • Sagebrush Ecosystems
    • Pinyon-Juniper Woodland Ecosystems
    • Mojave Desert Ecosystems
    • Sonoran Desert Ecosystems
  • References
  • Species list: Plants
  • Species list: Animals
  • Species list: Birds and Insects
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  • Versioning

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  • About the Book

    Rangeland Ecosystems of the Western US conveys fundamentals of autecology and synecology and general information about the primary ecosystems covered. Its structure will provide a framework that can be applied to understand and analyze any arid shrubland, desert, or woodland savanna.

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    Yvette Gibson, Oregon State University

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