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Natural Resources Sustainability: An introductory synthesis

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Christopher Lant, Utah State University

Copyright Year: 2023

Publisher: Utah Education Network Digital Press with Pressbooks

Language: English

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Natural Resources Sustainability in a Nutshell
  • Chapter 2: Lessons from Environmental Histroy
  • Chapter 3: Relevant Fundamentals of Physical Geography and Geology
  • Chapter 4: Relevant Fundamentals of Ecology
  • Chapter 5: Human Population and Sustainability
  • Chapter 6: The Neoclassical Economics Approach to Sustainability
  • Chapter 7: Learning from Oxymorons I - Ecological Economnics
  • Chapter 8: Learning from Oxymorons II - Industrial Ecology
  • Chapter 9: Property, Policy, and Insitutional Economics
  • Chapter 10: Political Ecology
  • Chapter 11: Using Land Sustainability
  • Chapter 12: Water Resource Sustainability
  • Chapter 13: Wealth from the Earth - Mineral Resources
  • Chapter 14: Energy Sustainability
  • Chapter 15: Policies for Natural Resources Sustainability
  • Chapter 16: Envisioning a Sustainable American Way of Life
  • Appendix

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About the Book

This text has evolved from 20 semesters teaching the undergraduate courses Geography, People, and the Environment and Environment and Society. It is designed for freshmen through junior-level courses at community, junior and four-year colleges and universities in the United States. Focused upon the dilemma of environmental sustainability, geography and the emergent field of ecological economics are emphasized in a trans-disciplinary framework. It provides—in a one semester or one quarter undergraduate course that requires no prerequisites—a fundamental background in the essentials students need to deal with natural resource and environmental issues as an informed citizen while building a foundation for further study.

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Christopher Lant, Utah State University

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