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Molecular Plant Breeding

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Walter Suza, Iowa State University

Kendall Lamkey

William Beavis

Publisher: Iowa State University Digital Press

Language: English

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Table of Contents

  • About the PBEA Series
  • Molecular Plant Breeding Concepts
  • Markers and Sequencing
  • Modeling and Data Simulation
  • Data Management and Quality Control
  • Cluster Analysis, Association, and QTL Mapping
  • Marker Assisted Backcrossing
  • Genome Construction
  • Marker Based Management of Plant Genetic Resources
  • Biotechnological Tools for Broadening Genetic Variation
  • Modern Tools for Line Development and Predicting Hybrid Performance
  • Genomic Tools for Variety Registration and Protection
  • Introduction to Bioinformatics
  • Comparative Mapping and Genomics
  • Applied Learning Activities
  • Contributors

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  • About the Book

    This book focuses on genomics and plant biotechnology approaches used in plant breeding, the analysis of genomic data, and their application in quality control measures. The application of alternative genomic technologies to enhance conventional breeding strategies is also presented.

    About the Contributors


    William Beavis


    Suza is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Iowa State University. He teaches courses on Genetics and Crop Physiology in the Department of Agronomy. In addition to co-developing courses for the ISU Distance MS in Plant Breeding Program, Suza also served as the director of Plant Breeding e-Learning in Africa Program ​(PBEA) for 8 years. With PBEA, Suza helped provide access to open educational resources on topics related to the genetic improvement of crops. His research is on the metabolism and physiology of plant sterols. Suza holds a Ph.D. in Plant Breeding and Genetics (with emphasis in plant molecular physiology) from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

    Lamkey is the chair of the Department of Agronomy at Iowa State University. As chair, he represents the department at the state, national and international levels. He is an advocate for research and the PBEA program, in addition to overseeing the Agronomy Department educational direction, its faculty, as well as Argonomy Extension and Outreach. Dr. Lamkey is a corn breeder and quantitative geneticist and conducts research on the quantitative genetics of selection response, inbreeding depression and heterosis. Lamkey holds a Ph.D. in plant breeding from Iowa State University and a master’s in plant breeding from the University of Illinois.

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