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    Introduction to Arithmetic Groups

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    Dave Witte Morris

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    ISBN 13: 9780986571602

    Publisher: Deductive Press

    Language: English

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    Table of Contents


    • Part I. Introduction
      • What is a Locally Symmetric Space?
      • Geometric Meaning of R-rank and Q-rank
      • Brief Summary
    • Part II. Fundamentals
      • Basic Properties of Lattices
      • What is an Arithmetic Groups?
      • Examples of Arithmetic Groups
      • SL (n, Z) is a lattice in SL (n, R)
    • Part III. Important Concepts
      • Real Rank
      • Q-Rank
      • Quasi-Isometries
      • Unitary Representations
      • Amenable Groups
      • Kazhdan's Property (T)
      • Ergodic Theory
    • Part IV. Major Results
      • Mostow Rigidity Theorem
      • Margulis Superrigidity Theorem
      • Normal Subgroups of T
      • Arithmetic Subgroups of Classical Groups
      • Construction of a Coarse Fundamental Domain
      • Ratner's Theorems of Unipotent Flows
    • Appendices

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    Introduction to Arithmetic Groups

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    Dave Witte Morris, University of Lethbridge

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