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Integrated and Open Interpreter Education

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Elisa Maroney

Amanda Smith

Sarah Hewlett

Copyright Year: 2019

ISBN 13: 9781636350257

Publisher: Open Oregon Educational Resources

Language: English

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Table of Contents

  • I. Section 1
    • Engage: Interpreters in the Community - Service Learning, Citizenship, and Civic Engagement
  • II. Section 2
    • Linguistic & Cultural Aspects of Interpreting
    • Orientation to the Interpreted Interaction
    • Interpreting English Grammar Classes: Theories, Tips, & Tools
    • Developing Confident and Competent DeafBlind Interpreters
  • III. Section 3
    • Reflective Practice: Interpreter Mindset, Pre-Interpreting, Technical Skills, Adaptive Skills, and Supervision
  • IV. Section 4
    • Historical, Collective, & Individual Professional Identity Narratives
    • Internal Cartography: Our Professional Identity Journeys
  • V. Section 5
    • Practice: The Necessary Preparation for working with People

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About the Book

This Open Educational Resource (OER) on interpreting offers authors and readers free and open access to current, relevant, easy-to-access, and free materials. The editors have created a space where emerging scholars in the field of signed language interpreting make contributions with the ability to revise as the interpreting studies discipline and the scholars, themselves, develop and change. This OER provides faculty and students readings and practical application experiences that connect program specific coursework and concepts across the interpreter education curriculum emphasizing the holistic nature of the field of interpreting.

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Elisa Maroney

Amanda Smith

Sarah Hewlett

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