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Hujambo! A Standards-Based Approach to Introductory Kiswahili

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Brenda Wawire, Lawrence, Kansas

Copyright Year: 2022

Publisher: Open Language Resource Center at the University of Kansas

Language: English

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Table of Contents

  1. Somo la kwanza
    1. Kwa uwanja wa ndege
    2. Kukutana na familia wenyeji
    3. Majirani
    4. Hamjambo wanafunzi?
    5. Wewe unasoma masomo gani?
    6. Nambari yako ya simu ni gani?
  2. Familia
    1. Familia yangu
    2. Familia ya mwenyeji
    3. Familia kubwa
    4. Kazi gani?
  3. Shughuli za kila siku na uraibu
    1. Anafanya nini? Wanafana nini?
    2. Shughuli za kila siku
    3. Kusema wakati
    4. Shughuli za starehe
    5. Utafanya nini keshi?
  4. Tunakaa wapi?
    1. Nyumba ya familia yangu pokezi
    2. Kuna nini katika vyumba mbali mbali katika nyumba?
    3. Nje ya nyumba
    4. Mtaa na ujirani
    5. Kukodisha nyumba
  5. Apendices

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About the Book

Hujambo! provides a complete curriculum for introductory Kiswahili that chronicles the adventures of two American students studying abroad in Tanzania for an academic year.  It is designed for an introductory Kiswahili course at the college level with approximately 150 contact hours of instruction (5 hours a week for two 15-week semesters, or 5 hours a week for three 10-week quarters).  It provides a foundational understanding of Kiswahili and the cultures of those who share it as a common language.  Students will acquire the basics of Kiswahili grammar and build a core vocabulary of approximately 1,000 words, including the most common words for everyday interactions and the individual vocabulary they need to speak about their own academic and personal lives.

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Brenda Wawire, University of Kansas

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