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German 201

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Rebecca Linam, University of North Alabama

Copyright Year: 2023

Last Update: 2024

Publisher: University of North Alabama

Language: English

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Table of Contents

  • Review from GR 102
  • Kapitel 7-1: Time expressions: vor, seit, schon
  • Kapitel 7-2: Simple past of haben
  • Kapitel 7-3: Ein-word adjective endings
  • Kapitel 7-4: Simple past of modal verbs
  • Kapitel 7-5: Reflexive verbs (accusative)
  • Kapitel 7-6: Plusquamperfekt
  • Kapitel 8-1: Simple Past (das Präteritum)
  • Kapitel 8-2: Als, wenn, wann
  • Kapitel 8-3: Infinitive phrases with zu, um…zu, ohne…zu
  • Kapitel 8-4: Lassen vs. verlassen vs. gehen
  • Kapitel 9-1: Reflexive Verbs (with dative)
  • Kapitel 9-2: Verbs with Prepositional Complements
  • Kapitel 9-3: Da- and wo-compounds
  • Kapitel 9-4: Present and Past Participles (with adjective endings review)
  • 9-5: Adjectival Nouns
  • Kapitel 7 - Glossary
  • Kapitel 8 - Glossary
  • Kapitel 9 - Glossary

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About the Book

This book is a continuation of GR 102. It features review from GR 101-102, explanations of grammar, videos to reteach concepts, extra practice, and several reading selections to reinforce grammar.

About the Contributors


Rebecca Linam is the author of four novels for children and young adults, five Open Educational Resource German textbooks, and over 50 short stories. Her hobbies include playing the piano and harpsichord, figure skating, and traveling. As for her day job, she teaches German and loves to travel in Germany.

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