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    Forest Measurements: An Applied Approach

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    Joan DeYoung, Mt. Hood Community College

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    Publisher: Open Oregon Educational Resources

    Language: English

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    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Slope

    • 1.1 Assessing Slope of the Land
    • 1.2 Field Technique Tips for Measuring %Slope
    • 1.3 Tips for Measuring %Slope on Contour Maps
    • 1.4 Summary Problems

    Chapter 2: Tree Height

    • 2.1 Why Tree Height?
    • 2.2 Determining Tree Height
    • 2.3 Using Percent Slope to Determine Tree Height
    • 2.4 Using Topographic Slope to Determine Tree Height
    • 2.5 Measuring Height on Irregular Trees
    • 2.6 Instruments Used for Measuring Tree Height
    • 2.7 Field Technique Tips for Measuring Tree Height
    • 2.8 Summary Questions

    Chapter 3: Tree Diameter

    • 3.1 Why Tree Diameter?
    • 3.2 Determining Tree Diameter
    • 3.3 Instruments for Measuring Tree Diameter
    • 3.4 Field Technique Tips for Measuring Tree Diameter
    • 3.5 Summary Questions

    Chapter 4: Tree Age

    • 4.1 Determining Tree Age
    • 4.2 Young trees
    • 4.3 Field Technique Tips for Counting Whorls:
    • 4.4 Forest Setting
    • 4.5 Increment Boring
    • 4.6 Field Techniques for Increment Boring
    • 4.7 Summary Questions

    Chapter 5: Stand Characteristics

    • 5.1 Stand Structure
    • 5.2 Crown Classes
    • 5.3 Live Crown Ratio
    • 5.4 Field Technique Tips for Determining Crown Class and LCR
    • 5.5 Stand Growth and Development Over Time
    • 5.6 Application of LCR and Crown Class in Forest Management
    • 5.7 Summary Questions

    Chapter 6: Site Quality

    • 6.1 Forest Site Productivity
    • 6.2 Overview of Site Index
    • 6.3 How to Use Site Index Curves
    • 6.4 Characteristics of Suitable Site Index Trees
    • 6.5 Field Technique Tips for Determining Site Index
    • 6.6. Determining Site Index from Field Measurements
    • 6.7 Summary Questions
    • 6.8 King's 50-year Site Index Tables

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    About the Book

    This is a forest measurements textbook written for field technicians. Silvicultural applications and illustrations are provided to demonstrate the relevance of the measurements. Special “technique tips” for each skill are intended to help increase data collection accuracy and confidence. These include how to avoid common pitfalls, effective short cuts and essentials for recording field data correctly. The emphasis is on elementary skills; it is not intended to be a timber cruising guide.

    About the Contributors


    Joan DeYoung is a Professor in the Science department at Mt. Hood Community College, Gresham, OR

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