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Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook – General (FAA-H-8083-30B)

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U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration

Copyright Year: 2023

Publisher: Federal Aviation Administration

Language: English

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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Safety, Ground Operations, & Servicing
  • Chapter 2: Regulations, Maintenance Forms, Records, & Publications
  • Chapter 3: Mathematics in Aviation Maintenance
  • Chapter 4: Aircraft Drawings
  • Chapter 5: Physics for Aviation
  • Chapter 6: Aircraft Weight & Balance
  • Chapter 7: Aircraft Materials, Hardware. & Processes
  • Chapter 8: Cleaning & Corrosion Control
  • Chapter 9: Fluid Lines & Fittings
  • Chapter 10: Inspection Concepts & Techniques
  • Chapter 11: Hand Tools & Measuring Devices
  • Chapter 12: Fundamentals of Electricity & Electronics
  • Chapter 13: Mechanic Privileges & Limitations
  • Chapter 14: Human Factors
  • Glossary
  • Index

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  • About the Book

    The Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook–General (FAA-H-8083-30B) was developed as one of a series of three handbooks for persons preparing for mechanic certification with airframe or powerplant ratings, or both. It is intended that this handbook will provide basic information on principles, fundamentals, and technical procedures in the subject matter areas common to both the airframe and powerplant ratings. Emphasis in this volume is on theory and methods of application. The handbook is designed to aid students enrolled in a formal course of instruction preparing for FAA certification as a maintenance technician as well as for current technicians who wish to improve their knowledge. This volume contains information on mathematics, aircraft drawings, weight and balance, aircraft materials, processes and tools, physics, electricity, inspection, ground operations, and FAA regulations governing the certification and work of maintenance technicians. New to this volume is a section addressing how successful aviation maintenance technicians incorporate knowledge and awareness of ethics, professionalism and human factors in the field

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    U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration

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