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    Bio-Inspired Sensory Systems

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    Geoffrey Brooks, FSU Panama City

    Copyright Year:

    ISBN 13: 9781736577905

    Publisher: Florida State University

    Language: English

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    Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1 Introduction
    • Chapter 2 General Concepts from Engineering and Biology
    • Chapter 3 Photo-sensory Systems
    • Chapter 4 Mechano-sensory Systems
    • Chapter 5 Chemo-sensory Systems

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    About the Book

    Using natural sensory system concepts to develop and improve sensory systems will continue to thrive for many years to come. Technology advances rapidly (Moore’s Law) as does our understanding of biological principles and designs. These trends fuel the fertile grounds of bio-inspired sensory systems, a topic that is inherently multidisciplinary. This book will serve well as either an academic text on the subject or an introduction to the variety of proven bio-inspired designs. The focus is on sensory systems that interpret environmental stimuli. It introduces natural photo-, mechano-, and chemo-sensory systems across the animal kingdom and also summarizes various novel engineering ideas that glean ideas from these natural sensory systems.

    About the Contributors


    Dr. Geoffrey Brooks is a teaching professor at FSU Panama City regularly teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in linear systems theory, digital signal processing, adaptive filters, digital communications, control theory, and other courses such as bio-inspired sensory design. He may be reached at


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