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Art History

Heather McCune Bruhn

Publisher: The Pennsylvania State University

Language: English

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    Art History 111 is broken up into 12 units of unequal size, based upon time periods and civilizations. Prehistoric art is a unit, for example, as is Greek art (and Greek art is one of the longest units). The transition from Greek to Roman marks a roughly halfway point. In order, these units are:

    1. Introductory material (the “how to” portion)
    2. Prehistoric
    3. Ancient Near East
    4. Ancient Egyptian
    5. Aegean (pre-Greek)
    6. Greek Art
    7. Etruscan and Roman Art
    8. Early Christian and Byzantine Art
    9. Early Medieval Art
    10. Romanesque Art
    11. Gothic Art
    12. Fourteenth Century Art (transition to Art H. 112, Renaissance to Modern)

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    Heather McCune Bruhn