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Knowledge For Humans

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Charlie Huenemann, Logan, UT

Publisher: Charlie Huenemann

Language: English

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • I. 1. Knowledge: The Basics
  • II. 2. Skepticism: A Dialogue
  • III. 3. The Grand Deception Doubt (Or, the GDD)
  • IV. 4. First Answer to the Skeptic
  • V. 5. Second Answer to the Skeptic
  • VI. 6. Scientific Knowledge
  • VII. 7. Social Conditions of Knowledge
  • VIII. 8. Knowing Our Weaknesses
  • IX. 9. How to Argue with Other People
  • X. 10. Bayesianism and What Is Likely
  • XI. 11. Epistemology and the Internet
  • XII. 12. Conspiracy Theories
  • Appendix

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About the Book

Knowledge for Humans is a textbook aimed at introducing students to fundamental questions about knowledge and skepticism. Many topics often covered in epistemology textbooks are also covered here, such as radical Cartesian skepticism, phenomenalism, externalism, and naturalism. But the text also covers useful topics that are not usually included, such as the social conditions for knowledge, common fallacies, Bayesianism, the internet, conspiracy theories, and how we should go about arguing with one another. It’s written in an easy-going style with clear examples and funny diagrams.

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Charlie Huenemann, Utah State University

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