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Practicing and Presenting Social Research

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Oral Robinson, Vancouver, British Columbia

Alexander Wilson, Vancouver, British Columbia

ISBN 13: 9780888654861

Publisher: University of British Columbia Library

Language: English

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Licensing Info
  • Book Reviews
  • Acknolwedgements
  • Guide to the Manual
  • I. Generating and Developing Original Research Ideas
  • II. Developing a Research Proposal
  • III. Ethics Review
  • IV. Researching with Self-Care
  • V. Academic Writing
  • VI. The Literature Review
  • VII. Writing the Methods Section
  • VIII. Data Collection
  • IX. Qualitative Data Analysis
  • X. Quantitative Data Analysis
  • XI. Writing the Discussion and Conclusion
  • XII. Presenting Your Research
  • XIII. Publishing Your Research
  • Glossary
  • Versioning History
  • Contact Information

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About the Book

This open-access textbook is for those who want to write exemplary social research. It provides an extensive outline of each step of the research process: outlining practical tools for conceptualizing its beginnings, generating proposals, getting ethics approval, relaxing from the stresses of research, writing academically, conducting a literature review, drafting a methods section, collecting the right data, formulating the findings, and sharing the results. Woven throughout each chapter are testimonies of other students who have likewise persevered through the research process, relating their obstacles, solutions, and motivations to each stage of the research process to illuminate not only the technical goals of research, but also the emotional maturity that research entails.

About the Contributors


Oral Robinson, University of British Columbia

Alexander Wilson, University of British Columbia

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