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United States Trademark Law

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Editorial Staff of eLangdell Press

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Publisher: CALI's eLangdell® Press

Language: English

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Table of Contents

Chapter 22: Trademarks

  • Subchapter I - The Principal Register
  • Subchapter II - The Supplemental Register
  • Subchapter III - General Provisions
  • Subchapter IV - The Madrid Protocol

About the Book

This Intellectual Property Supplement from eLangdell Press contains the text of federal laws and regulations in the area of copyright, trademarks and patents. The editors have endeavored to gather all relevant laws, rules and regulations. This collection is intended to be used primarily as a statutory supplement for law students and legal scholars in academic settings, although practitioners in this area of law will also find it useful.

This volume, Volume III: Trademark Statutory Law contains Chapter 22 of Title 15 of the United States Code as it appears on the most current edition available on the U.S. Government website FDSYS. Updates to the U.S. Code not yet found in the FDSYS published editions can be found in the United States House of Representatives Office of Law Revision Counsel's Classification Tables. They can be found at Some formatting modification has been performed to better accommodate electronic readers.

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Editorial Staff of eLangdell Press