Brehe’s Grammar Anatomy

Reviewed by Sangbok Kim, Instructor, CU Boulder on 7/1/19

Comprehensiveness rating: 4

It covers all of the eight parts of speech in English grammar, the concepts of a phrase/clause that is composed of parts of speech, and the concepts of syntactic roles (e.g., subject, object). It provides an effective index and glossary.

Content Accuracy rating: 4

The content of the text is sometimes ambiguous although it is error free and unbiased.

Relevance/Longevity rating: 5

The content of the text is about the grammatical rules of English that could rarely be updated within a short period of time. The rules of a languages does not change within a short period of time.

Clarity rating: 5

It adopts a narrative style or tone to explain the grammar, which requires less cognitive loads from readers to grasp the concepts of terminologies. However, due to such a narrative style, the text is unnecessarily wordy.

Consistency rating: 5

It uses consistent terms and keeps the same framework to explain the grammar of English.

Modularity rating: 4

Because the text has the consistent pattern of explaining concepts, providing examples of the concepts, and providing grammar exercises, the sections and the subsections are easily recognizable without efforts.

Organization/Structure/Flow rating: 2

It would be better for the textbook to have a preface from the beginning and a study guide. Readers could have hard time to find the underlying logic of the order of the table of contents.

Interface rating: 5

The text rarely rely on any diagrams/charts that can support readers’ understanding of the content. The tables that the textbook uses are well placed at the right positions.

Grammatical Errors rating: 5

The textbook is about English grammar, which explicitly explains why there are no grammatical errors.

Cultural Relevance rating: 5

The textbook is about English grammar. The topic or subject of the content is not related to humans, societies, or cultures at all.