OEN Summer Summit

The Open Education Network (OEN) Summer Summit is an event for emerging and established open education leaders to build community and explore open education strategies. We come together to learn, collaborate, and have fun. 

OEN Summit 2021

The Summit was held online June 14-18, 2021. The event was free of charge, and open to OEN members and nonmembers alike, including some special OEN members-only events.

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Please note all times are in North American Central Time Zone (CT). For presenter bios, read more at community presenters and facilitators

Monday, June 14
9:30-10:30am (CT)
OEN Members Only
Our OEN Community in 2021 and Beyond
Facilitator(s): Dave Ernst (OEN)
Kick off Summit week with OEN Executive Director Dave Ernst as he reflects on the state of the OEN community and shares details of what is to come. Following Dave’s remarks, attendees will have the chance to connect with fellow community members, meet the OEN team, share their own reflections, and ask questions.
11am-12pm (CT)Keynote Address: Open Education Initiatives at the Nation’s Tribal Colleges and Universities
Presenter: Al Kuslikis (AIHEC)
Mr. Kuslikis will discuss AIHEC and the TCUs’ growing participation in the open education movement, including a new project to engage TCU students in developing locally contextualized learning materials that can be broadly shared.
2-3pm (CT)
Session 1

Your Discomfort is Valid: Supporting Big Feelings in Open Pedagogy
Presenters: Amy Hofer (Linn-Benton Community College), Silvia Lin Hanick (CUNY), Liz Pearce (Linn-Benton Community College), Lori Townsend (University of New Mexico), Michaela Wili Hooper (Linn-Benton Community College)
The practice of open pedagogy may evoke feelings of pride, discomfort, self-confidence, vertigo, and other more or less comfortable feelings – both for students and for educators. This session will explore these affective dimensions through a handful of learning theories that illuminate the challenges and possibilities of open pedagogy, and how open pedagogy intersects with transformative learning, threshold concepts, safe spaces/brave spaces, and more!

The Open Pedagogy Project Roadmap: A Community Resource for Planning, Implementing, Sharing, and Sustaining Open Pedagogy Projects

Presenters: Bryan McGeary (The Pennsylvania State University), Christina Riehman-Murphy (Penn State Abington)

In this session we will discuss a resource that we developed to help faculty plan and sustain successful open pedagogy projects. The Open Pedagogy Project Roadmap is a step-by-step guide for faculty to think through the process of scoping, implementing, sustaining, and sharing their own open pedagogy projects. The Roadmap also encourages them to consider issues like student agency, assessment, and the role of open pedagogy in fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

3:30-4:30pm (CT)
OEN Members Only
Member Skills Session: Land Acknowledgements
Facilitator: Reno Charette (American Indian Higher Education Consortium)
Learn about the background and purpose of land acknowledgements and engage in the practice of preparing and sharing a land acknowledgement for your local area.
Tuesday, June 15
9:30-10:30am (CT)
OEN Members Only
Community Coffee Hour: Greenhousing Projects
Facilitator(s): Amanda Larson (The Ohio State University), Karen Lauritsen (OEN)
The creative concept of greenhousing parallels the growth of plants to that of ideas; the younger they are, the easier they wither up and die, and to truly develop, plants and ideas need time, attention and dedication. Bring an idea you want to grow with the feedback of others or join to provide nurturing feedback to emerging projects/ideas.
11am-12:30pm (CT)
Session 2
Too many spreadsheets? Relational Databases for Open Education Program Data Collection and Reporting
Presenters: Amy Hofer (Linn-Benton Community College), Abbey Elder (Iowa State University), Tracy Mehoke (Brown Hope), Daisy Muralles (California State University East Bay), Sophie Rondeau (VIVA), Dave Ernst (OEN), Scott Ross (Contracted Software Developer)
Is the data for your open education program activities stored in a zillion spreadsheets? Maybe it’s time to move into a relational database! Learn about three emerging solutions to track program activities and impacts, how they work to meet assessment needs, and how it may be used or adapted by your own program. Featured examples will include the OEN’s Data Dashboard redesign, Open Oregon Educational Resources’s Airtable solution, and VIVA’s custom SQL database.
2-3pm (CT)
Session 3
Fellowshipping with Faculty: Openness, Pedagogy, Advocacy and Leadership in Idaho
Presenters: Jonathan Lashley (Idaho State Board of Education), Ann Abbott (University of Idaho), Amy Minervini & Michael Love (Lewis-Clark State College), Xiaoxia Xie (Idaho State University), Becca Sibrian & Franziska Borders (Boise State University), Joel Gladd & Liza Long (College of Western Idaho)
Join a panel of faculty who participated in Idaho’s OPAL Fellowship Program for a discussion on the open publishing projects that they have developed over the last three semesters, how these collaborations have transformed their work as educators, and how best to engage faculty in open education.
3:30-4:30pm (CT)
OEN Members Only
Member Discussion: The Art of Saying No
Facilitators: Sarah Cohen (OEN), Amanda Larson (The Ohio State University), Johanna Meetz (The Ohio State University), Elizabeth Speer (University of North Texas Health Science Center), and Karen Bjork (Portland State University)
Building on lessons learned from embracing the I Don’t Know, hear from OEN community members who have integrated the next step, the Art of Saying No into their professional lives as a means of balancing and focusing their work. Attendees will practice saying no and setting boundaries during a facilitated group activity.
Wednesday, June 16
11am-12:00pm (CT)
Session 4
Building a Thriving Open Education Ecosystem
Presenters: Urooj Nizami & Rajiv Jhangiani (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
As a leading adopter of open educational resources (OER) and home to Canada’s first Zero Textbook Cost programs, Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s open education ecosystem builds and leverages local capacity, matches strong grassroots interest with resources and training, and ensures that the university’s policies, procedures, and practices come together to provide an encouraging environment for open educational practices. Join this session to learn about the various components in KPU’s community approach toward building a thriving open education ecosystem.
2-3pm (CT)
Session 5
Advancing Social Justice and DEI on Campus Through OER: Librarian-Faculty Advocacy Partnerships that Work!
Presenters: Elaine Thornton & Jacquelyn Mosley (University of Arkansas)
Connections between OER librarians and teaching faculty are critical to the success of open textbook initiatives. Learn about the development of one of these key relationships built as a result of the University of Arkansas’ Affordable/OER faculty workshop from both the librarian and faculty perspectives. The discussion will also focus on future efforts aimed at expanding OER knowledge and support for the initiative into campus diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and social justice efforts. Attendees will be asked to provide feedback on their collaborative campus efforts and how they have used or can use OER to address DEI or social justice issues.
3:30-4:30pm (CT)
OEN Members Only
Member Discussion: Scaling OER Initiatives & Maximizing OEN Membership: Best Practices for Consortia
Facilitator(s): Anna Bendo (OhioLINK), Emily Frank (LOUIS), Bryan McGeary (The Pennsylvania State University)
Bounce around ideas and share experiences and questions with fellow consortial members.
Thursday, June 17
9:30-10:30am (CT)
OEN Members Only
Community Coffee Hour: Recapping the Summit So Far
Facilitator(s): Emily Frank (LOUIS), LoriBeth Larsen (Central Lakes College), Amanda Larson (The Ohio State University), Elizabeth Speer (The University of North Texas Health Science Center)
In lieu of hallway conversations, bring your caffeinated beverage of choice to this space for an informal small group discussion with other members regarding the sessions you’ve attended or reflections on the week.
11am-12:00pm (CT)
Session 6
A Community Approach to Departmental Collaboration: Engaging Faculty & Campus Partners
Presenters: Mandi Goodsett, Emilie Zickel & Heather Caprette (Cleveland State University), Ashley Morrison, Lydia Fletcher & Ian Goodale (University of Texas at Austin)
Learn about two different methods that have proven successful in establishing long-term OER engagement at the departmental level, along with tips for employing these strategies at your own institution. Case studies include Cleveland State University’s Textbook Affordability Summer Symposium, a short, informational symposium built in Blackboard that teaches faculty about open education while encouraging them to become advocates within their department, as well as the University of Texas at Austin’s targeted departmental outreach efforts that they have developed in collaboration with liaison librarians.
2-3pm (CT)
Session 7
Piloting Toward Success: A Community Approach to Building a Course Redesign Program
Presenters: Amanda Hurford & Erin Milanese (PALNI)
Explore the Private Academic Library Network of Indiana’s (PALNI) launch of the PALSave Course Redesign Grants pilot program, and learn how it helped acclimate the PALNI team to working with faculty in course redesign by systematically gathering feedback on how best to approach resources and processes. Presenters will share what they learned, why the piloting approach can be effective, and how by working together with faculty, they built a successful Course Redesign Grants program that is still going strong.
3:30-4:30pm (CT)
OEN Members Only
Member Happy Hour: Game Night!
Facilitator(s): Emily Frank (LOUIS),  Amanda Larson (The Ohio State University)
As the week begins to wind down, join us for a virtual trivia night to get to know and have some fun with fellow OEN members.
Friday, June 18
11am-12:00pm (CT)
Session 8
Engaging Students in OER Promotion Through Experiential Learning: A Case Study of an OER Team & Public Relations Class Partnership
Presenters: Beth Martin, Anna Popkova, Michele Behr & Sara Volmering (Western Michigan University)
The primary benefits of open educational resources are designed for students, allowing them more equitable learning engagements. This presentation will discuss a collaboration between the Western Michigan University OER Task Force, and a capstone Communications course on public relations campaigns, and how this initiative used experiential learning techniques to actively involve students in improving OER promotion strategies and shed light on the student perspective and understanding of OER.
2-3pm (CT)
Session 9
Sweetening the Pot: Incentivizing OERs for Faculty
Presenters: Megan MacGregor & Sarah Lucchesi (University of Southern Maine)
Learn about the incentives implemented as part of the University of Southern Maine’s grant programs, followed by an open discussion with attendees about what kinds of incentives have worked and not worked elsewhere, how to keep the momentum going, and who in your campus community you might connect with to bring faculty to the table.

Community Norms

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Summit 2020

Visit our Summit 2020 YouTube playlist for recordings of our sessions, slides and transcripts. Members can also view Summit resources in the Community Hub.

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