Summer Summit

The Summer Summit is an event for emerging and established open education leaders to build community and explore open education strategies. We come together to learn, collaborate, and have fun. 

Save the Date: Summit 2021

June 14-18, 2021

The Summit will be held online June 14-18, 2021.

The Summit is an online opportunity to connect with the open education community, showcase open education efforts, share expertise, and explore challenges in a supportive, collaborative environment.

The Summit is free of charge, and open to OEN members and nonmembers alike. There will be some special OEN members-only events. Check back for complete program details. 

Community Norms

If you plan on attending Summit, please familiarize yourself with our community norms.

Summit 2020

Visit our Summit 2020 YouTube playlist for recordings of our sessions, slides and transcripts. Members can also view Summit resources in the Community Hub.

Image is of around 100 members of the community who attended the Open Textbook Network Institute and Summit in 2018. The image is taken from above, and is set in a hotel lobby with a large fireplace behind them.