Summer Institute and summit

The Summer Institute and Summit are events for emerging and established open education leaders to build community and explore open education strategies. We come together to learn, collaborate, and have fun. 

Summer Institute: The Summer Institute is for members who are new to the community.  The agenda focuses on facilitating open textbook workshops, sharing strategies for open education programming, and building community. Summer Institute attendees also participate in the Summit.

Summer Summit: The  Summit is for all members of the community. The agenda’s focus is chosen by the Summit Planning Committee, and is always grounded in problem solving, community building and professional development.

2020 Virtual Summit

The 2020 Summit was held online in June 2020. Please see the 2020 Summit YouTube playlist for recordings of our sessions, as well as slides and transcripts. Members can also view Summit resources in the Community Hub. We look forward to seeing you all in 2021!

Community Norms

Please familiarize yourself with our community norms.

Image is of around 100 members of the community who attended the Open Textbook Network Institute and Summit in 2018. The image is taken from above, and is set in a hotel lobby with a large fireplace behind them.