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The Publishing Cooperative is a community that provides shared infrastructure, processes, and resources to expand open textbook publishing in higher education. We offer professional development and support in open textbook publishing concepts and production pathways, as well as access to a complete suite of editorial and design services.


Pub101 is a free, informal orientation to open textbook publishing. Together we explore Units 1-5 in the Publishing Curriculum, and learn from colleagues who have worked on open textbook publishing projects. Pub101 is a prerequisite for participating in the Publishing Cooperative.

Whether you’re supporting an open textbook project or developing an open textbook publishing program, the curriculum offers guidance and resources to support your goals.

This is a guide for faculty authors, librarians and project managers who make open textbooks. Authoring Open Textbooks includes a checklist for getting started,  case studies, writing resources and an overview of useful tools.

Modifying an Open Textbook: What You Need to Know is a five-step guide for those who want to adapt an existing open textbook. It includes step-by-step instructions for importing and editing common open textbook file.

The Adaptable OER Publishing Agreement (CC BY) is a starting point for higher education institutions that want to contract with their faculty to create open educational resources (OER). 

The Open Education Network, in partnership with the Rebus Community, offers monthly Office Hours about open textbook writing and publishing. Office Hours are open to everyone. Videos of past sessions are available on YouTube.

Hosted by the Open Education Network, this video series provides an opportunity to consider strategic approaches to building open textbook and other OER publishing programs. The three sessions focus on key topics: 1) Should you publish? 2) How should you publish? and 3) Implementing a publishing program.

PresbooksEDU discount

We offer members an OEN PressbooksEDU Sandbox where they can experiment with creating one free open textbook project. Institutional and allied members are eligible for 30% savings on PressbooksEDU single institution plans. 


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