Our programs ignite, support and sustain the needs of our community

The Open Textbook Library is foundational to our faculty engagement strategy. When faculty adopt an open textbook, it creates a measurable, positive impact on student success.

The Publishing Cooperative is a community that shares infrastructure, processes, and resources to expand open textbook publishing in higher education.


Our community of practice and Working Groups bring members together to work on key challenges facing open education.

We facilitate workshops that connect faculty with open educational options, and the benefits they offer pedagogy and student learning.

These member-only events are opportunities for emerging and established open education leaders to build community and explore open education strategies together.

A professional development program that creates effective open education program leaders who want to be stewards and advocates for open educational resources. 

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East Tennessee State University

The workshop model really helped jumpstart our local OER initiative which awards faculty and departments for adopting, adapting, or creating OER in their courses. The Open Textbook Library is a great introduction to high-quality open textbooks for faculty new to OER and helps dispel concerns about quality and currency.

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University of Colorado Boulder

The OEN has been so instrumental in introducing me to so many inspiring colleagues who are advancing open education and OER initiatives. I’m regularly amazed to consider that help with any question is just an email or phone call away.

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“Working with the OEN Publishing Cooperative has been amazing. The community support and opportunity to learn in a shared environment has been incredibly rewarding. The Co-op not only provided me with the opportunity to build publishing expertise, but it also allowed me to offer a complete suite of publishing services to PSU’s open textbook authors.”

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