Community Hub

Resources and tools for facilitating open educational programs

In the Community Hub, members can access a suite of materials developed by the community and that can be adapted for local use. These materials include slide decks, guides, templates and other resources. Members can also access the Data Dashboard for managing workshops and tracking impact data through the Community Hub. 

Manage your workshops, support the Open Textbook Library review process, and track your open education program outcomes.

Develop your open education program using adaptable slide decks and community-created tips and templates.

Let the world know what textbooks you’re developing by sharing select details that will appear in the Open Textbook Library.

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“OEN’s Data Dashboard is already a time-saver for me. This system has the potential to streamline managing system-wide workshops and may even end up helping me track data from grants and other activities.”

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“At Minnesota State, we manage workshops and reviews for the 9000+ faculty at our 37 state colleges and universities. The OEN Data Dashboard has streamlined processes and made it much easier for us to schedule, monitor, and manage all of that data.”

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“The OEN has given us direction and materials to build an OER program on our campus. We did not have to build rationale, data, or tools from scratch but rather had all of that at our disposal as we began working.”

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