To lead into our joint preconference to the Library Publishing Forum (Opening the Classroom: Publishing Open Educational Resources, 5/8/19), the Library Publishing Coalition and the Open Textbook Network are organizing a webinar “exchange”! OTN is holding a series of three webinars for its membership on OER publishing from a strategic perspective, and LPC is hosting a webinar for its members on the OTN’s Publishing Cooperative. As part of the exchange, members of both communities are invited to attend all four webinars! Space is limited. Details to follow RSVP.

Building an open textbook publishing program

Hosted by the Open Textbook Network, this winter webinar series will provide an opportunity to consider strategic approaches to building open textbook and other OER publishing programs. The three sessions are designed around three key topics: 1) Should you publish? 2) How should you publish? and 3) Implementing a publishing program. This series will be useful for people who are thinking about open textbook publishing, but aren’t sure where to start, or for people that may want to reassess their programs for the longer term. You’re invited to attend any or all of the sessions. RSVP with Open Textbook Network.

#1. Should you publish?

Presenter: John Warren, Director and Associate Professor, Masters of Professional Studies in Publishing, George Washington University
Date: January 23, 2019, 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

  • Would a publishing program further the goals of your unit and/or institution?
  • Is there demand on campus for OER publishing services?
  • Do you have the resources necessary to start a new program?
  • How can you find potential partners, including funders, for open textbook publishing?
  • What does an editorially/strategically-driven model look like?

#2. How should you publish?

Presenter: Kevin Hawkins, Assistant Dean for Scholarly Communication, University of North Texas Libraries
Date: February 20, 2019 at 12pm Pacific, 3pm Eastern

  • What are self-publishing and service model tradeoffs?
  • How do you evaluate the many publishing tools out there?
  • How can open textbook publishing fit in with other publishing you’re doing?
  • What format(s) should you publish in?  How should you license works?
  • Where do you keep the published works, and how do you develop a maintenance plan?

#3. Implementing a publishing program

Presenter: Inba Kehoe, Copyright Officer, Scholarly Communication Librarian, University of Victoria Libraries
Date: March 14, 2019, 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

  • How do you evolve your program from a pilot model?
  • What should your intake/application process look like?
  • Who should decide what projects to take on, and using what criteria?
  • How can your program advance diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • How do you figure out appropriate staffing, including how to build on existing expertise and rework job descriptions?

Figuring it out together: Building foundational knowledge for OER publishing

Presenters: Karen Bjork, head of digital initiatives at Portland State University; Karen Lauritsen, managing director, Open Textbook Network; Carla Myers, assistant librarian and coordinator of scholarly communications for the Miami University Libraries
Date: Wednesday, February 6th, 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

Hosted by the Library Publishing Coalition, join us for a conversation about building OER publishing capacity at your institution. In what we hope will be an interactive session, we will explore expectations, goals, and possibilities around designing open textbook publishing programs. We’ll discuss how programs and services can evolve, and how two institutions are dealing with tensions around finding time, defining roles, and securing funding. We’ll discuss the Open Textbook Network Publishing Cooperative and how it’s being leveraged in a variety of institutional contexts, as well as the new Open Textbook Publishing Curriculum, which are living modules designed to support your work. We’ll also highlight the power of community in providing support and combating isolation. Bring your questions with you, including the goals and challenges you are anticipating or confronting in your own OER publishing programs. RSVP with Library Publishing Coalition