The Open Textbook Network (OTN), an organization focused on improving higher education by supporting the use, publication, and distribution of openly licensed textbooks, and the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko), an organization focused on transforming how knowledge is created, improved, and shared, announce their partnership to broaden the production and distribution of open textbooks.

The effort will begin with Coko co-founder Adam Hyde facilitating a workflow sprint with OTN leaders and open textbook authors. The workflow sprint is a methodology to rapidly identify and document optimal workflow for open textbook production. The Open Textbook Network is also exploring Editoria, Coko’s book production platform, as a possible pathway for creating open textbooks.

“The OTN community is well positioned to advance open textbook publishing, and we are thrilled to be a part of their important work,” said Kristen Ratan, Co-founder of Coko.

“The partnership with Coko is very exciting to us,” said David Ernst, Executive Director of the OTN. “We’ve long admired Adam’s work with collaborative production methodologies, and Kristen’s Open Access advocacy. The OTN community is looking for a variety of pathways to publish new open textbooks, and we hope to leverage Coko’s leading edge open source software, Editoria, to support new publishing methodologies. We are well matched for partnership!”