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Introduction to Criminology

Copyright Year: 2023

Contributors: Hassan, Lett, and Ballantyne

Publisher: Kwantlen Polytechnic University

License: CC BY

Although this open education resource (OER) is written with the needs and abilities of first-year undergraduate criminology students in mind, it is designed to be flexible. As a whole, the OER is amply broad to serve as the main textbook for an introductory course, yet each chapter is deep enough to be useful as a supplement for subject-area courses; authors use plain and accessible language as much as possible, but introduce more advanced, technical concepts where appropriate; the text gives due attention to the historical “canon” of mainstream criminological thought, but it also challenges many of these ideas by exploring alternative, critical, and marginalized perspectives. After all, criminology is more than just the study of crime and criminal law; it is an examination of the ways human societies construct, contest, and defend ideas about right and wrong, the meaning of justice, the purpose and power of laws, and the practical methods of responding to broken rules and of mending relationships.

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Statistics for Research Students

Copyright Year: 2022

Contributors: Fein, Gilmour, Machin, and Hendry

Publisher: University of Southern Queensland

License: CC BY

This book aims to help you understand and navigate statistical concepts and the main types of statistical analyses essential for research students.

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Introduction to the American Criminal Justice System

Copyright Year: 2019

Contributors: Burke, Carter, Fedorek, Morey, Rutz-Burri, and Sanchez

Publisher: Open Oregon Educational Resources

License: CC BY-SA

There is a dearth of OER textbooks in Criminology and Criminal Justice, which made creating this textbook all the more exciting. At times we faced challenges about what or how much to cover, but our primary goal was to make sure this book was as in-depth as the two textbooks we were currently using for our CCJ 230 introduction course. The only way we were willing to undertake this project as if it was as good, or better than the current books students read. We have had very positive feedback about the required textbooks in the course but consistently heard how expensive the books were to buy. We also needed to ensure we met the learning outcomes outlined by SOU for a general education course, as well as the state of Oregon, to make sure this textbook helps students meet those outcomes.

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Ethics in Law Enforcement

Copyright Year: 2015

Contributors: McCartney and Parent

Publisher: BCcampus

License: CC BY

In this book, you will examine the moral and ethical issues that exist within law enforcement. This book will also familiarize you with the basic history, principles, and theories of ethics. These concepts will then be applied to the major components of the criminal justice system: policing, the courts, and corrections. Discussion will focus on personal values, individual responsibility, decision making, discretion, and the structure of accountability. Specific topics covered will include core values, codes of conduct, ethical dilemmas, organizational consequences, liability, and the importance of critical thinking. By the end of this book, you will be able to distinguish and critically debate contemporary ethical issues in law enforcement.

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