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Foundations of Epidemiology

Contributor: Bovbjerg

Publisher: Oregon State University

This book is intended to provide a basic introduction to epidemiologic methods and epidemiologic thinking. After reading this book, you should be able to read an epidemiologic study, understand what the authors did and why, and identify what they found. You will also have the tools to assess the quality of that study—how good is the evidence? What are potential sources of bias, and how might those have affected the results? This book will not teach you enough to be able to design and conduct your own epidemiologic studies—that level of understanding requires several years of specialized training. However, being able to read and understand the scientific literature about human health will allow you to apply that understanding to your own work in a nuanced, sophisticated way.

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A Student's Guide to Tropical Marine Biology

Contributors: Zanga, Boraski, and Olendorf

Publisher: Kenyon College

A Student’s Guide to Tropical Marine Biology is written entirely by students enrolled in the Keene State College Tropical Marine Biology course taught by Dr. Karen Cangialosi.Our goal was to investigate three main aspects of tropical marine biology: understanding the system, identifying problems, and evaluating solutions. Each of the sections contains chapters that utilize openly licensed material and images, and are rich with hyperlinks to other sources. Some of the most pressing tropical marine ecosystem issues are broken up into five sections: Coral Reefs and Diversity, Common Fishes to the Coral Reef, Environmental Threats, Reef Conservation, and Major Marine Phyla. These sections are not mutually exclusive; repetition in some content between chapters is intentional as we expect that users may not read the whole book.

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Human Anatomy Lab Manual

Contributor: Wilk-Blaszczak

Publisher: Mavs Open Press

This is a lab manual for a college-level human anatomy course. Mastery of anatomy requires a fair amount of memorization and recall skills. The activities in this manual encourage students to engage with new vocabulary in many ways, including grouping key terms, matching terms to structures, recalling definitions, and written exercises. Most of the activities in this manual utilize anatomical models, and several dissections of animal tissues and histological examinations are also included. Each unit includes both pre- and post-lab questions and six lab exercises designed for a classroom where students move from station to station. The vocabulary terms used in each unit are listed at the end of the manual and serve as a checklist for practicals.

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Conservation Biology in Sub-Saharan Africa

Contributors: Wilson and Primack

Publisher: Open Book Publishers

Conservation Biology in Sub-Saharan Africa comprehensively explores the challenges and potential solutions to key conservation issues in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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A Laboratory Guide to Clinical Hematology

Contributors: Villatoro and To

Publisher: University of Alberta Libraries

This is eBook will be constantly updated, edited, and reviewed as new emerging information arises.

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Quantitative Ecology: A New Unified Approach

Contributors: Lehman, Loberg, and Clark

Publisher: University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing

Quantitative Ecology introduces and discusses the principles of ecology from populations to ecosystems including human populations, disease, exotic organisms, habitat fragmentation, biodiversity and global dynamics. The book also reformulates and unifies ecological equations making them more accessible to the reader and easier to teach.

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Unfolding the Mystery of Life, Biology Lab Manual for Non-Science Majors

Contributors: Genovesi, Blinderman, and Natale

Publisher: Ellen Genovesi, Laura Blinderman and Patrick Natale

This laboratory manual is intended for use in a biology laboratory course taken by non-science majors, pre-biology, and pre-allied health majors.

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An Introduction to Nutrition

Publisher: Independent

Welcome to Essentials of Nutrition: A Functional Approach! This book is written for students who are not majoring in nutrition, but want to learn about the fundamental aspects of nutrition and how it applies to their own lives. We have written this book with the assumption that you have little or no prior knowledge of college level chemistry, biology, or physiology. But that does not mean it’s not scientific! Nutrition is a science-based discipline, so all the material included is backed up by rigorous scientific research, but it is presented in a clear, easy-to-understand fashion without requiring a background in science.

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Phylogenetic Comparative Methods

Contributor: Harmon

Publisher: Luke J. Harmon

This is a book about Phylogenetic Comparative Methods by Luke J. Harmon.

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Environmental Biology

Contributor: Fisher

Publisher: Open Oregon Educational Resources

This open textbook covers the most salient environmental issues, from a biological perspective. The text is designed for an introductory-level college science course. Topics include the fundamentals of ecology, biodiversity, pollution, climate change, food production, and human population growth.

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