Beginning Japanese for Professionals: Book 1

Dr. Emiko Konomi, Portland State University

This textbook is designed for beginning learners who want to learn basic Japanese for the purpose of living and working in Japan. Unlike textbooks written primarily for students, whose content largely centers on student life, this book focuses more on social and professional life beyond school.

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Chinese Rhetoric and Writing: An Introduction for Language Teachers

Andy Kirkpatrick, Griffith University
Zhichang Xu, Monash University

The authors of Chinese Rhetoric and Writing offer a response to the argument that Chinese students' academic writing in English is influenced by "culturally nuanced rhetorical baggage that is uniquely Chinese and hard to eradicate.


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Conversa Brasileira

Orlando R. Kelm, University of Texas, Austin

This textbook provides a hardcopy of all of the online materials to Conversa Brasileira, an online open access site that contains a series of 35 video scenarios in which Brazilians talk about their daily activities.


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Deutsch im Blick

Zsuzsanna Abrams, University of Texas, Austin

This textbook of classroom activities and homework accompanies Deutsch im Blick, the web-based German program developed and in use at the University of Texas since 2004, and its companion site, Grimm Grammar.  


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Français interactif

Carl Blyth, University of Texas, Austin
Karen Kelton, University of Texas, Austin
Nancy Guilloteau, University of Texas, Austin

This textbook of classroom activities and homework accompanies Français interactif.   


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FROM MSA to CA: A Beginner's Guide to Transitioning to Colloquial Arabic

Lina Gomaa, Portland State University

This book is for students who have studied Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) for one year or more and would like to learn colloquial Arabic basics using their knowledge of MSA. 


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Korean Through Folktales

KyungAh Yoon, Portland State University

Korean Through Folktales consists of four chapters and each centers on a famous Korean folktale. The lessons and values that famous folktales teach are embedded and permeated in various aspects of the Koran culture. Using folktales in the curriculum will provide an engaging way to expose students to a slice of the target culture that native Koreans are naturally exposed to at an early age. Through the selected folktales and various activities offered in the book, students can gain cultural knowledge and insights into traditional and cultural values while they are given linguistic lessons to reinforce their acquired skills and to apply the learned materials in an integrated approach.

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Le Littéraire dans le quotidien

Joanna Gay Luks, Cornell University

Le Littéraire dans le quotidien is an open textbook for use in French courses. The Literary in the Everyday represents a new pedagogical approach to reading and writing at the lower levels and is applicable to all languages. 


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Gretchen Angelo, California State University

Liberté is a first-year college French textbook with a true communicative approach.


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Português para principiantes

Severino J. Albuquerque, University of Wisconsin

Português para principiantes is a time-tested text which can be used in conjunction with a variety of approaches to the teaching of beginning Portuguese. 


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Preadvanced Japanese

Dr. Emiko Konomi, Portland State University, Portland, OR

Preadvanced Japanese is designed for students who have intermediate competency in Japanese, roughly at Level 2 on the ILR (The Interagency Language Roundtable) proficiency scale, and are working on reaching Level 3.


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Tajik Persian: Readings in History, Culture and Society

Razi Ahmad, University of Kansas

Tajik Persian: Readings in History, Culture and Society seeks to help students develop reading proficiency in Tajik at advanced level through authentic texts written for native speakers and provides them glimpses into the history, culture and society of Tajikistan without losing its focus on cultural aspects of the country—an aspect that constitutes a core component in the second language acquisition.

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Yorùbá Yé Mi

Fehintola Mosadomi, University of Texas, Austin

The Yorùbá Yé Mi textbook, combined with an open access, multi-media website at, is an interactive, communicative, introductory Yorùbá program.


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