Clinical Procedures for Safer Patient Care

Glynda Rees Doyle, British Columbia Institute of Technology
Jodie McCutcheon, British Columbia Institute of Technology

The checklist approach, used in this textbook, aims to provide standardized processes for clinical skills and to help nursing schools and clinical practice partners keep procedural practice current.


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Creative Clinical Teaching In The Health Professions

Beth Perry, Athabasca University
Caroline Park, Athabasca University
Sherri Melrose, Athabasca University

This peer reviewed e-book is a must-read for nurses and other health professionals who strive to teach with creativity and excellence in clinical settings. Each chapter presents current evidence informed educational practice knowledge. Each topic is also presented with text boxes describing ‘Creative Strategies’ that clinical teachers from across Canada have successfully implemented. For those who are interested in background knowledge, the authors provided a comprehensive literature base. And, for those interested mainly in 'what to do,' the text box summaries offer step-by-step directions for creative, challenging activities that both new and experienced instructors can begin using immediately.


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Field Trials of Health Interventions: A Toolbox

Before new interventions can be used in disease control programmes, it is essential that they are carefully evaluated in “field trials”, which may be complex and expensive undertakings. 


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Health Case Studies

Glynda Rees, British Columbia Institute of Technology
Janet Morrison, British Columbia Institute of Technology
Rob Kruger, British Columbia Institute of Technology

Health Case Studies is composed of eight separate health case studies. Each case study includes the patient narrative or story that models the best practice (at the time of publishing) in healthcare settings. Associated with each case is a set of specific learning objectives to support learning and facilitate educational strategies and evaluation.


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Literature Reviews for Education and Nursing Graduate Students

Linda Frederiksen, Washington State University Vancouver
Sue F. Phelps, Washington State University Vancouver

Literature Reviews for Education and Nursing Graduate Students is an open textbook designed for students in graduate-level nursing and education programs. Its intent is to recognize the significant role the literature review plays in the research process and to prepare students for the work that goes into writing one. 


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Nursing Care at the End of Life: What Every Clinician Should Know

Susan E. Lowey, SUNY, Brockport

The goal of this text is to foster the necessary skills for nurses to provide compassionate care to individuals who are nearing the end of life and their families.


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Public Health Ethics: Global Cases, Practice, and Context

Introducing public health ethics poses two special challenges. First, it is a relatively new field that combines public health and practical ethics. A second challenge, then, is to articulate an approach specific enough to provide clear guidance yet sufficiently flexible and encompassing to adapt to global contexts. 


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Supporting Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities & Mental Illness

Sherri Melrose, Athabasca University

This multidisciplinary resource develops topics of interest to all those who care about and for individuals with co-occurring intellectual disabilities and mental illness.


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Veterinary Epidemiology: Principles and Methods

Alan H. Meek, University of Guelph
Preben Willebtrg, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University
Wayne S. Martin, University of Guelph

The purpose of this textbook is to provide an introductory, yet comprehensive, source of information on epidemiology for veterinary students, researchers, and practitioners. 

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