Communication Beginnings: An Introductory Listening and Speaking Text for English Language Learners

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Della Abrahams, Portland State University

Pub Date: 2017

ISBN 13: 978-1-3872686-3-4

Publisher: Portland State University Library

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Reviewed by Laura Wilkinson, Instructor, Virginia Commonwealth University, on 2/2/2018.

The text covers a variety of speaking and listening contexts teaching basic communication skills necessary for an English Language Learner in an … read more



Reviewed by Riccarda Saggese, Associate Professor, University of Delaware, on 2/2/2018.

The test covers all areas of the subjects according to the author's presentation. The guidelines are clear. Each chapter presents a vocabulary list … read more



Reviewed by Natallia Cherashneva, Russian/ESL Instructor, University of Delaware, on 2/2/2018.

The textbook is intended for beginning-intermediate English language learners and is a good introductory resource for speaking activities. It is … read more



Reviewed by Amy White, Assistant Librarian and Lecturer, Pennsylvania State University, on 2/2/2018.

This textbook covers a broad range of easily-accessible speaking and listening topics, which is very appropriate for a beginning listening and … read more


Table of Contents

Chapter 1- Learning how to speak and listen in English:

• Tips and strategies for increasing and retaining learning

• Advice on learning English in a university setting

Chapter 2- Introductions
• Describing yourself and other people
§ Grammar points
§ Third person singular ‘s’ 
§ Subject pronouns and possessive adjectives
Chapter 3- Talking about travel and experiences: Page 25-36
• Intonation in English
§ Grammar points
§ WH and Yes/No question formation
Chapter 4- Discussing food and eating: Page 37-50
• Understanding Conversational English with reduced speech
§ Grammar points
§ Contractions in English
Chapter 5- Describing places around town: Page 51-64
• Addresses and place descriptions
§ Grammar points
§ Past tense verbs
§ Ordinal and cardinal numbers
Chapter 6- Communicating about hobbies and routines: Page 65-73
• Agreeing and Disagreeing in English
§ Grammar points
§ Using so, too, neither and either
§ Adverbs of frequency
Chapter 7- Discussing jobs and university majors: Page 74-85
• Word and syllable stress in English
§ Grammar points
§ Future tense verbs 

About the Book

This textbook is designed for beginning-intermediate English language learners. It is composed of 7 chapters, each of which covers specific speaking and listening learning objectives and includes dialogues, interviews, discussions and conversation activities. Each chapter includes listening and speaking components such as dialogues, interviews, discussions and conversation activities. Each chapter also focuses on 10 target words from the New General Service List of English vocabulary. The textbook includes an audio component that consists of recorded conversations of native and non-native English speakers, as well as links to additional listening resources on the web.

About the Contributors


Della Jean Abrahams is an Instructor in Intensive English Language Program at the Portland State University.