Principles of Business Statistics

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Pub Date: 2013

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Publisher: OpenStax CNX

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Reviewed by Mary Stinnett, Associate Professor, Umpqua Community College, on 2/9/2017.

I enjoyed how the book started out with vocabulary associated with statistics and mixing in descriptive statistics at the same time. Most books tend … read more


Table of Contents

1 Sampling and Data

  • 1.1 Sampling and Data: Introduction
  • 1.2 Sampling and Data: Statistics
  • 1.3 Sampling and Data: Key Terms
  • 1.4 Sampling and Data: Data
  • 1.5 Sampling and Data: Variation and Critical Evaluation
  • 1.6 Sampling and Data: Frequency, Relative Frequency, and Cumulative Frequency

2 Descriptive Statistics

  • 2.1 Descriptive Statistics: Introduction
  • 2.2 Descriptive Statistics: Displaying Data
  • 2.3 Descriptive Statistics: Histogram
  • 2.4 Descriptive Statistics: Measuring the Center of the Data
  • 2.5 Descriptive Statistics: Skewness and the Mean, Median, and Mode
  • 2.6 Descriptive Statistics: Measuring the Spread of the Data

3 The Normal Distribution

  • 3.1 Normal Distribution: Introduction
  • 3.2 Normal Distribution: Standard Normal Distribution
  • 3.3 Normal Distribution: Z-scores
  • 3.4 Normal Distribution: Areas to the Left and Right of x
  • 3.5 Normal Distribution: Calculations of Probabilities
  • 3.6 Central Limit Theorem: Central Limit Theorem for Sample Means
  • 3.7 Central Limit Theorem: Using the Central Limit Theorem

4 Confidence Interval

  • 4.1 Confidence Intervals: Introduction
  • 4.2 Confidence Intervals: Confidence Interval, Single Population Mean, Population Standard Deviation Known, Normal
  • 4.3 Confidence Intervals: Confidence Interval, Single Population Mean, Standard Deviation Unknown, Student's-t
  • 4.4 Confidence Intervals: Confidence Interval for a Population Proportion

5 Hypothesis Testing

  • 5.1 Hypothesis Testing of Single Mean and Single Proportion: Introduction
  • 5.2 Hypothesis Testing of Single Mean and Single Proportion: Null and Alternate Hypotheses
  • 5.3 Hypothesis Testing of Single Mean and Single Proportion: Using the Sample to Test the Null Hypothesis
  • 5.4 Hypothesis Testing of Single Mean and Single Proportion: Decision and Conclusion

6 Linear Regression and Correlation

  • 6.1 Linear Regression and Correlation: Introduction
  • 6.2 Linear Regression and Correlation: Linear Equations
  • 6.3 Linear Regression and Correlation: Slope and Y-Intercept of a Linear Equation
  • 6.4 Linear Regression and Correlation: Scatter Plots
  • 6.5 Linear Regression and Correlation: The Regression Equation
  • 6.6 Linear Regression and Correlation: Correlation Coefficient and Coefficient of Determination
  • 6.7 Linear Regression and Correlation: Testing the Significance of the Correlation Coefficient
  • 6.8 Linear Regression and Correlation: Prediction

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