The Open Education Network is a purpose-driven community. We offer 1) programmatic, 2) financial and 3) collective benefits so that higher education institutions can develop sustainable open educational practices to support student success. 

Three Types of Benefits


  • Community Support Systems
  • Faculty Engagement Strategies
  • Impact Tracking Tools
  • Leadership Development Workshops


  • Staff Capacity Support
  • Program Pricing At Cost
  • Vendor Discounts
  • Success Story Amplification


  • Open Textbook Library
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Openly Licensed Curricula
  • Adaptable Templates And Toolkits

Programmatic Benefits

We offer a full suite of professional development and programmatic support. Based on local goals and context, members can select from a range of proven strategies to grow open education practices at their own pace.

Financial Benefits

Rather than working in isolation, staff can save time and effort by building on the community’s knowledge. In addition, members enjoy at-cost pricing and discounts for certificate programs and vendor services.

Collective Benefits

None of us can transform higher education alone. Membership means supporting free and openly available programming and resources, like the Open Textbook Library. It’s through collective action that we contribute to the common good.

Contact Us

Contact us for ideas about how to leverage membership for your institutional priorities.


Join our community to develop your leadership potential, contribute your expertise, and share strategies for building open education programs.