OEN Launches Ketida & Open Textbook Planner Pilot

This summer, the Open Education Network (OEN) is excited to launch its Ketida and Open Textbook Planner Pilot. The pilot will provide members with an opportunity to use the web-based book production platform to create new open textbooks and to share what they learn with the broader community. 

Posted on 7/25/23

Open Textbook Planner & Ketida Demo

Host Karen Lauritsen of the Open Education Network is joined by Christina Tromp, Coko Foundation project manager, to review and discuss the Open Textbook Planner and Ketida publishing tools.

Posted on 5/19/23

Creating an Open Textbook: The Science of Sleep

Sheryl Shook's first openly licensed textbook features chapters she researched and wrote on sleep wellness, circadian rhythm, dreams, sleep disorders, and more. For each topic, she would start by thinking, what do I want my students to learn? What do I want my students to be able to do when they’re done with this class?”

Posted on 2/27/23

OEN Launches Publishing Cooperative Advisory Group

The Open Education Network’s (OEN) Publishing Cooperative Advisory Group is a new standing group with a visionary, strategic and action-oriented purpose. Launching in January 2023, the group will be responsible for maintaining and facilitating a community-driven Publishing Cooperative that reflects the OEN’s Guiding Principles.

Posted on 1/10/23

Anti-Racist Documents in Digital Publishing

...we will get oriented to several anti-racist documents in digital publishing, so that we can consider how they might be adapted for OER, journal and scholarly publishing organizations. Our goal is to offer a proactive foundation for authors, reviewers and editors to develop strategic anti-racist and anti-oppressive initiatives within their own spheres of influence.  

Posted on 1/21/22

Creating New Publishing Pathways

Since the Open Education Network (OEN) began supporting open textbook publishing five years ago, we’ve been inspired by the many ways that our members make it happen. Publishing an open textbook requires a lot of work! And, as we’ve seen in the exponential growth of the Open Textbook Library, that work is happening. 

Posted on 12/16/21

OEN at Open Publishing Fest: Launching a Grant-Funded Open Textbook Program

Today we’re talking with Amanda Hurford who is the Scholarly Communications Director at PALNI, and PALNI stands for the Private Academic Library Network of Indiana. She is joined by Jennifer Coronado who is Scholarly Communication Librarian at Butler University, part of PALNI, and Erin Milanese who is Affordable Learning Project Coordinator at PALNI. They are going to talk together about how they launched their first grant funded open textbook creation grants program.

Posted on 12/10/21

OEN at Open Publishing Fest: Open Publishing Survey Results

Today we're going to talk with Elaine Thornton who is associate professor and librarian of open education and distance learning at the University of Arkansas, and Jen Pate, OER and scholarly communications librarian at the University of North Alabama. Together they recently collaborated on an OER publishing survey, and I'm very excited that we are among some of the first to hear about what they discovered about the OER publishing landscape that so many of us are working in.

Posted on 11/23/21

OEN at Open Publishing Fest: Forming Learning Communities to Support OER Publishing

Today we’re going to be talking with Cheryl Casey, Open Education Librarian at the University of Arizona. Working with partners on campus, Cheryl formed two learning communities to support OER publishing and open pedagogy at the University of Arizona with a $0 budget.

Posted on 12/6/20