Discovery and MARC Records

The Open Textbook Network provides a cumulative file of MARC (Machine-Readable Cataloging) bibliographic records for content in the Open Textbook Library, thanks to a partnership with Colorado State University Libraries. This single file is comprehensive and includes records for all titles since the initial release in July 2016. MARC records are in the public domain and available under a Creative Commons CC0 license.

Public Domain

Download MARC Record Batch

Open Textbook Library MARC Record Batch - updated July 19, 2018
(Please ensure your downloaded batch has a .mrc file extension.)

Open Textbook Library MARC Batch Specifications

  • OCLC compliant records with OCLC control numbers
  • Unicode (UTF-8) character encoding
  • RDA compliant cataloging
    Integrating Resource records: A resource that is added to or changed by means of updates that do not remain discrete and are integrated into the whole (e.g., a loose-leaf manual that is updated by means of replacement pages, a website that is updated continuously). — RDA Glossary
  • Provider-Neutral E-Resource