Scientific Inquiry in Social Work

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Matthew DeCarlo, Radford University

Pub Date: 2018

ISBN 13:

Publisher: Independent

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Table of Contents

Front Matter

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to research
  • Chapter 2: Beginning a research project
  • Chapter 3: Reading and evaluating literature
  • Chapter 4: Conducting a literature review
  • Chapter 5: Ethics in social work research
  • Chapter 6: Linking methods with theory
  • Chapter 7: Design and causality
  • Chapter 8: Creating and refining a research question
  • Chapter 9: Defining and measuring concepts
  • Chapter 10: Sampling
  • Chapter 11: Survey research
  • Chapter 12: Experimental design
  • Chapter 13: Interviews and focus groups
  • Chapter 14: Unobtrusive research: Qualitative and quantitative approaches
  • Chapter 15: Real-world research: Evaluation, single-subjects, and action research
  • Chapter 16: Reporting and reading research

Back Matter

About the Book

As an introductory textbook for social work students studying research methods, this book guides students through the process of creating a research project. Students will learn how to discover a researchable topic that is interesting to them, examine scholarly literature, formulate a proper research question, design a quantitative or qualitative study to answer their question, carry out the design, interpret quantitative or qualitative results, and disseminate their findings to a variety of audiences. Examples are drawn from the author's practice and research experience, as well as topical articles from the literature.

About the Contributors


Matt DeCarlo earned his PhD in social work at Virginia Commonwealth University and is an Assistant Professor of social work at Radford University. He earned an MA in social work at George Mason University in 2010 and a BA in psychology from the College of William and Mary in 2007. His research interests include social welfare policy, Medicaid, mental health issues, negative income tax and drug policy. Matt was a Mercatus Center Frédéric Bastiat Fellow during the 2015-2016 academic year.