Introduction to Environmental Science: 2nd Edition

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Caralyn Zehnder
Kalina Manoylov
Samuel Mutiti
Christine Mutiti
Allison VandeVoort
Donna Bennett

Pub Date: 2018

ISBN 13:

Publisher: University System of Georgia

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Population Ecology

Chapter 3: Human Demography

Chapter 4: Non-Renewable Energy

Chapter 5: Alternative Energy

Chapter 6: Air Pollution

Chapter 7: Climate Change

Chapter 8: Water

About the Book

This course uses the basic principles of biology and earth science as a context for understanding environmental policies and resource management practices. Our planet is facing unprecedented environmental challenges, from oil spills to global climate change. In ENSC 1000, you will learn about the science behind these problems; preparing you to make an informed, invaluable contribution to Earth’s future. I hope that each of you is engaged by the material presented and participates fully in the search for, acquisition of, and sharing of information within our class.

About the Contributors


Caralyn Zehnder, Georgia College and State University

Kalina Manoylov, Georgia College and State University

Samuel Mutiti, Georgia College and State University

Christine Mutiti, Georgia College and State University

Allison VandeVoort, Georgia College and State University

Donna Bennett, Georgia College and State University