Introductory Business Statistics

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Lex Holmes, University of Oklahoma
Barbara Illowsky, De Anza College
Susan Dean, De Anza College

Pub Date: 2017

ISBN 13: 978-1-9471724-7-0

Publisher: OpenStax

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Reviewed by Alan Weber, Full-Time Lecturer, University of Missouri at Kansas City, on 5/22/2018.

Very good for an introductory book. Actually better than the text I've used in the past, covering several key areas such as types of … read more



Reviewed by William M. Easley, Instructor (Business Statistics), University of New Orleans, on 5/22/2018.

How one assesses the comprehensiveness of this text depends on one’s purpose. It is purportedly designed for a one-semester course. For that (at … read more


Table of Contents


  • 1 Sampling and Data
  • 2 Descriptive Statistics
  • 3 Probability Topics
  • 4 Discrete Random Variables
  • 5 Continuous Random Variables
  • 6 The Normal Distribution
  • 7 The Central Limit Theorem
  • 8 Confidence Intervals
  • 9 Hypothesis Testing with One Sample
  • 10 Hypothesis Testing with Two Samples
  • 11 The Chi-Square Distribution
  • 12 F Distribution and One-Way ANOVA
  • 13 Linear Regression and Correlation

Statistical Tables
Mathematical Phrases, Symbols, and Formulas

About the Book

Introductory Business Statistics is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of the one-semester statistics course for business, economics, and related majors. Core statistical concepts and skills have been augmented with practical business examples, scenarios, and exercises. The result is a meaningful understanding of the discipline, which will serve students in their business careers and real-world experiences.

About the Contributors


Lex Holmes is a Professor in the Economics department at University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

Barbara Illowsky is a Professor of Mathematics & Statistics at De Anza College.

Susan Dean is a Professor in the Mathematics department at De Anza College, Cupertino, CA.