Animals & Ethics 101: Thinking Critically About Animal Rights

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Nathan Nobis, Morehouse College

Pub Date: 2016

ISBN 13: 978-0-6924712-8-9

Publisher: Independent

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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introductions to Ethics, Logic and Animals & Ethics
  • Chapter 2: Animal Minds
  • Chapter 3: Defending Animals
  • Chapter 4: Defending Animal Use
  • Chapter 5: Wearing & Eating Animals
  • Chapter 6: Animal Experimentation
  • Chapter 7: Pets, Zoos & Hunting
  • Chapter 8: Activism

About the Book

This book provides an overview of the current debates about the nature and extent of our moral obligations to animals. Which, if any, uses of animals are morally wrong, which are morally permissible (i.e., not wrong) and why? What, if any, moral obligations do we, individually and as a society (and a global community), have towards animals and why? How should animals be treated? Why?

We will explore the most influential and most developed answers to these questions – given by philosophers, scientists, and animal advocates and their critics – to try to determine which positions are supported by the best moral reasons.

About the Contributors


Nathan Nobis, PhD is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA. He has taught courses, given lectures and published articles and chapters on a wide variety of topics concerning ethics and animals, bioethics, ethical theory and other topics in philosophy.