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Nina Parker, Shenandoah University

Pub Date: 2016

ISBN 13: 978-1-9381681-4-7

Publisher: OpenStax CNX

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Reviewed by Wanda Haberer, Program Director, Alexandra Technical and Community College, on 2/9/2017.

This microbiology textbook is well suited for the non-major microbiology majors though it would an excellent foundation for any science career. There … read more



Reviewed by Renee Guyer, Instructor, South Central College, on 2/9/2017.

I greatly appreciate that this text aligns with the curriculum guidelines of the American Society of Microbiology. Frankly that was what made me … read more



Reviewed by Theresa Hornstein, Biology Faculty, Lake Superior College, on 2/9/2017.

Microbiology covers the majority of topics found in a first-year microbiology text with a distinct leaning toward medical microbiology. While one … read more


Table of Contents


  • 1 An Invisible World
  • 2 How We See the Invisible World
  • 3 The Cell
  • 4 Prokaryotic Diversity
  • 5 The Eukaryotes of Microbiology
  • 6 Acellular Pathogens
  • 7 Microbial Biochemistry
  • 8 Microbial Metabolism
  • 9 Microbial Growth
  • 10 Biochemistry of the Genome
  • 11 Mechanisms of Microbial Genetics
  • 12 Modern Applications of Microbial Genetics
  • 13 Control of Microbial Growth
  • 14 Antimicrobial Drugs
  • 15 Microbial Mechanisms of Pathogenicity
  • 16 Disease and Epidemiology
  • 17 Innate Nonspecific Host Defenses
  • 18 Adaptive Specific Host Defenses
  • 19 Diseases of the Immune System
  • 20 Laboratory Analysis of the Immune Response
  • 21 Skin and Eye Infections
  • 22 Respiratory System Infections
  • 23 Urogenital System Infections
  • 24 Digestive System Infections
  • 25 Circulatory and Lymphatic System Infections
  • 26 Nervous System Infections

Fundamentals of Physics and Chemistry Important to Microbiology
Mathematical Basics
Metabolic Pathways
Taxonomy of Clinically Relevant Microorganisms

About the Book

Microbiology covers the scope and sequence requirements for a single-semester microbiology course for non-majors. The book presents the core concepts of microbiology with a focus on applications for careers in allied health. The pedagogical features of the text make the material interesting and accessible while maintaining the career-application focus and scientific rigor inherent in the subject matter. Microbiology’s art program enhances students’ understanding of concepts through clear and effective illustrations, diagrams, and photographs.

About the Contributors


Dr. N. Parker is dedicated to work in a collegiate academic environment to provide a foundation of knowledge for a lifetime of learning to undergraduate and graduate students primarily in the areas of Health Care Professions, Microbiology and Immunology. Incorporates problem based learning in classes to assist students to develop critical decision and analytical problem solving skills. Trains students in the laboratory to become competent and proficient in skills routinely used in Microbiology and Immunology. Includes training students in professional and ethical behavior in the workplace in both the classroom and laboratory.