Organic Chemistry Laboratory Techniques

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Lisa Nichols, Butte Community College

Pub Date: 2016

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Publisher: Independent

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Reviewed by Elizabeth Cohen, Chemistry Professor, Mount Hood Community College, on 12/6/2016.

The textbook provided a comprehensive and in depth coverage of the both laboratory technique and instrumentation used in an introductory organic … read more



Reviewed by Jeffrey Elbert, Asscoaite Professor, University of Northern Iowa, on 2/9/2017.

The text covers the general techniques used in organic chemistry very well. The detail is consistent with a majors section course. All major types … read more


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  • Chapter 1: General Techniques
  • Chapter 2: Chromatography
  • Chapter 3: Crystallization
  • Chapter 4: Extraction
  • Chapter 5: Distillation
  • Chapter 6: Miscellaneous Techniques
  • Chapter 7: Technique Summaries 

About the Book

This resource was created by Lisa Nichols (chemistry faculty at Butte Community College in Northern California) as a result of an academic sabbatical leave in the Fall-2015 to Spring 2016 term.  The target audience are undergraduate students in organic chemistry.

In this resource you will find theory and procedures on the main organic lab techniques (chromatography, crystallization, extraction, distillation) as well as general concepts on how to set up and heat apparatuses (see the Table of Contents tab for a more complete listing of topics).

All procedures are accompanied by step-by-step pictures, and graphics are heavily utilized throughout the resource.

About the Contributors


Lisa Nichols obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in chemistry from California State University, Chico in 2001 and a Master’s degree in organic chemistry from Stanford University in 2003. At the time of this project she had taught chemistry fulltime for 12 years at Butte Community College (in Oroville, northern California, near C.S.U. Chico), with an emphasis on teaching majors-level organic chemistry.