Choosing & Using Sources: A Guide to Academic Research

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Pub Date: 2016

ISBN 13:

Publisher: Ohio State University Libraries

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Reviewed by Dr. William Vann, Information Studies Faculty, Minneapolis Community and Technical College, on 12/6/2016.

While there is neither a back-of-the-book index nor a compiled glossary in this outstanding textbook (key terms are defined, however, throughout the … read more



Reviewed by Kelly McKenna, Assistant Professor, Colorado State University, on 12/6/2016.

The book provides a thorough introduction and how to regarding sources in academic writing. With the exception of the first chapter on writing … read more



Reviewed by Heather Jerónimo, Assistant Professor, University of Northern Iowa, on 2/9/2017.

This text is a comprehensive review of the various types of sources one might need to complete a research project or paper. The book begins with a … read more



Reviewed by Patricia Akhimie, Asst. Prof of English, Rutgers University-Newark, on 2/9/2017.

This textbook does not include an index or glossary but is full-text searchable, returning a an easy to read and access menu of clickable search … read more



Reviewed by Jennifer Lantrip, Reference Librarian, Umpqua Community College, on 2/9/2017.

This book is an excellent source for guiding undergraduate students through the research process, from understanding the purposes for doing research … read more



Reviewed by Jarrod Dunham, Instructor - English Composition, Portland Community College, on 2/9/2017.

A very comprehensive guide to the writing of the research paper. I've taught research writing for several years, and this book covers all the … read more



Reviewed by Dale Jenkins, Advanced Instructor, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (Virginia Tech), on 2/9/2017.

Having taught freshmen how to write college research papers for the past 18 years, I gave the text high marks on addressing all of the key elements … read more



Reviewed by Vanessa Ruccolo, Advanced Instructor of English, Virginia Tech, on 2/9/2017.

Ch. 1 has a great overview of regular versus research questions and the difference between qualitative and quantitative research. Ch. 2 covers … read more



Reviewed by Scott Miller, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Rogue Community College, on 4/12/2017.

The book is very comprehensive and even goes beyond what might be expected in this kind of textbook. Along with choosing and using sources, the … read more



Reviewed by Dawn Kennedy, Ed.S, Health Education, Anoka-Ramsey Community College, on 4/12/2017.

Choosing & Using Sources: A Guide to Academic Research serves as an excellent guide for teaching the research process. It takes the learner through … read more



Reviewed by Constance Chemay, Head of Public Services, Library Services; Asst. Professor, User Instruction, River Parishes Community College, Gonzales, LA, on 6/21/2017.

The book does an excellent job covering the subject, and even goes beyond what its title suggests, with chapters on writing and formulating an … read more



Reviewed by Deborah Finkelstein, Adjunct Professor, George Mason University, on 6/21/2017.

The book is very comprehensive. The authors consistently explain concepts well and provide easy-to-understand examples that are approachable for the … read more


Table of Contents


  • 1. Research Questions
  • 2. Types of Sources
  • 3. Sources and Information Needs
  • 4. Precision Searching
  • 5. Search Tools
  • 6. Evaluating Sources
  • 7. Ethical Use of Sources
  • 8. How to Cite Sources
  • 9. Making an Argument
  • 10. Writing Tips
  • 11. Copyright Basics
  • 12. Fair Use
  • 13. Roles of Research Sources


About the Book

Choosing & Using Sources presents a process for academic research and writing, from formulating your research question to selecting good information and using it effectively in your research assignments. Additional chapters cover understanding types of sources, searching for information, and avoiding plagiarism. Each chapter includes self-quizzes and activities to reinforce core concepts and help you apply them. There are also appendices for quick reference on search tools, copyright basics, and fair use.

What experts are saying about Choosing & Using Sources: A Guide to Academic Research:

“…a really fantastic contribution that offers a much needed broadened perspective on the process of research, and is packed to the brim with all kinds of resources and advice on how to effectively use them. The chapter on plagiarism is really excellent, and the chapter on searching for sources is utterly brilliant.”

– Chris Manion, PhD
Coordinator of Writing Across the Curriculum at Ohio State University

“… an excellent resource for students, with engaging content, graphics, and examples—very compelling. The coverage of copyright is outstanding.”

– J. Craig Gibson
Co-chair of ACRL’s Task Force on Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education

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Cheryl Lowry, training and education specialist, Ohio State University Libraries.