Discover Psychology 2.0: A Brief Introductory Text

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Pub Date: 2015

ISBN 13:

Publisher: Noba

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Reviewed by Samantha Bergmann, Associate Lecturer, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, on 8/22/2016.

The text is a brief introduction to psychology with 15 units that cover the material traditionally targeted in intro courses. The 15 units hit on the … read more



Reviewed by Ashley Billig, Associate Lecturer, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, on 8/22/2016.

The text covers all major areas of psychology appropriate for an introductory course. However, the table of contents is organized in a way that makes … read more



Reviewed by Demitrus Ewing, Part-time Instructor, Lane Community College, on 8/22/2016.

The problem with textbooks is that they can’t devote enough time and space to each sub-discipline of psychology that’s needed. With that being said, … read more



Reviewed by Julie Luker, Professor, Inver Hills Community College, on 12/6/2016.

This textbook appears to cover many, if not all, of the same areas that are found in traditional textbooks. For each area that is discussed, the text … read more


Table of Contents

  • Intro to Psychology as a Science
  • Research in Psychology
  • Biology as the Basis of Behavior
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Sensation and Perception
  • Consciousness
  • Learning
  • Memory
  • Cognition, Language & Intelligence
  • Emotion and Motivation
  • Personality
  • Psychological Disorders 
  • Therapies
  • Social Psychology
  • Psychological Health 

About the Book

This textbook presents core concepts common to introductory courses. The 15 units cover the traditional areas of intro-to-psychology; ranging from biological aspects of psychology to psychological disorders to social psychology. This book can be modified: feel free to add or remove modules to better suit your specific needs. Each module in this book is accompanied by instructor's manual, PowerPoint presentation, test items, adaptive student quiz, and reading anticipation guide.

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About the Contributors


Robert Biswas-Diener has written a number of books including Happiness: Unlocking the mysteries of psychological wealth and The Courage Quotient. He is senior editor for the free-textbook platform, Noba.

Ed Diener is a psychologist, professor, and author. Diener is a professor of psychology at the Universities of Utah and Virginia, and Joseph R. Smiley Distinguished Professor Emeritus from the University of Illinois as well as a senior scientist for the Gallup Organization.