College Algebra

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Carl Stitz, Lakeland Community College
Jeff Zeager, Lorain County Community College

Pub Date: 2013

ISBN 13:

Publisher: Stitz Zeager Open Source Mathematics

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Reviewed by Marcella Jones, Mathematics Instructor, Minneapolis Community and Technical College, on 6/21/2017.

This text is somewhat comprehensive in that it covers a number of main topics, subjects and ideas that are covered by most colleges/universities in … read more



Reviewed by Nicholas Lytal, Graduate Associate, University of Arizona, on 1/8/2016.

The textbook covers a full range of subjects expected in most college algebra classes, including some topics--such as systems of equations and … read more



Reviewed by Mamfe Osafo, Mathematics Instructor, Centrral Lakes College , on 6/11/2015.

The text book covered all the topics in college algebra. The only two sub topics which were not in detailed is Linear Functions and Quadratic … read more



Reviewed by Jacqueline Lindquist, Mathematics Instructor, Central Lakes College, Brainerd, MN, on 6/11/2015.

This text does cover all of the topics that are presented in a typical College Algebra course. The chapter covering Systems of Equations and Matrices … read more



Reviewed by Don Drummond, Mathematics Faculty, Minnesota State Community and Technical College, on 6/11/2015.

The textbook covers all of the traditional College Algebra content. If some institutions of higher education would embed the trigonometry within the … read more



Reviewed by Karen Yeats, Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University, on 10/10/2013.
in collaboration with

Cameron Morland

The version of the text we were provided had the trigonometry chapters cut out (This was done simply by clipping the pdf rather than … read more



Reviewed by Nora Franzova, Assistant Chair for Math and Stats Department, Langara College, on 10/10/2013.

The text definitely covers all topics that are covered in a usual College Algebra class, and actually it covers much more. The extensive … read more



Reviewed by Allyson Rozell, Math Instructor, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, on 10/10/2013.

I did not see specific coverage of scientific notation, and the text seemed weak in applications, particularly for lower level topics, like … read more



Reviewed by Dr. Milan Frankl, MBA, PhD, Professor of Business, University Canada West, on 10/10/2013.

The textbook does not cover all the material one would need to address in college algebra, notably the trigonometric functions are absent … read more


Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Relations and Functions
  • Chapter 2: Linear and Quadratic Functions
  • Chapter 3: Polynomial Functions
  • Chapter 4: Rational Functions
  • Chapter 5: Further Topics in Functions
  • Chapter 6: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  • Chapter 7: Hooked on Conics
  • Chapter 8: Systems of Equations and Matrices
  • Chapter 9: Sequences and the Binomial Theorem

About the Book

College Algebra is an introductory text for a college algebra survey course.  The material is presented at a level intended to prepare students for Calculus while also giving them relevant mathematical skills that can be used in other classes.  The authors describe their approach as "Functions First," believing introducing functions first will help students understand new concepts more completely.

Each section includes homework exercises, and the answers to most computational questions are included in the text (discussion questions are open-ended). Graphing calculators are used sparingly and only as a tool to enhance the Mathematics, not to replace it.

The authors also offer a Precalculus version of this text, which has two extra chapters covering Trigonometry.

About the Contributors


Carl Stitz, Ph.D. is a Professor of Mathematics at Lakeland Community College outside of Kirtland, Ohio.

Jeff Zeager, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Lorain County Community College in Elyria, Ohio.

Dr. Stitz and Dr. Zeager co-wrote this college algebra textbook with the vision of creating a high-quality, open-source textbook that is within reach and accessible to the average college student.  In recognition of their work, both authors received the prestigious Faculty Innovator Award from the University System of Ohio in 2010.